Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Falling one by one!

Falling one by one!
Brutal doesn't really cover it.  I remember flu season always being really bad. BUT I though,  I keep the house really clean,  the kids always wash their hands, I keep the house REALLY clean, and I haven't been feeding them processed food, only healthy food that will "stick" to their bones and make them strong.  Then during soccer seasons Ainsley got the stomach one else did.  That is not our normal Griner thing.  I felt good.  Then during Christmas break Caleb got the stomach flu.  I contained and we moved on.  School was finally starting.  After a really really long Christmas break I was ready for everyone to go back and they were ready to go back.  After one day back it started...Ainlsey first.
 Of course, she missed hat day (OF ALL DAYS) and since I couldn't get her temp. down she had to take a bath 4 times that day.  Kind of like a sick holiday.  The final decision was that she would be wearing her swimsuit  because I couldn't get her temperature down and that would make up for missing hat day (kind of).  4 hours later Caleb's nurse called and I had to go and pick him up.  Same very high fever, aches, and his face was so bright red I wish there was snow so I  could put it on him right way.  
There isn't really a funny part to this but if there was.  The school is really far away so I told Tate to get his shoes on and get in the car so I could help Ainsley who was so sick she couldn't really walk or get winter clothes on.  He grabbed the hand-me-down size 2 spiderman shoes (more for an 8 year old), put them in the car, and buckled so when I got in the car and was driving (almost half way there I noticed) I was so embarrassed!  When Aubrey saw him she laughed right away.
Well, Tate (and wienie dog) finally came down with the fever Saturday.  It makes for an almost Month long winter break.  A sad one....I think the kids have watch every Super Hero Movie,  They have finally got to take baths but not the play fun kind, and we have gone through crackers like no tomorrow.  Tate does not like a disruption in his day and he just doesn't understand why everyone doesn't want to watch The Hulk over and over.
Caleb will have missed a full week a school and his class party.  Hopefully no more missed school, we got to work on those high frequency words.

In the mist of the sickness our dear friend passed alway.
When he first fell and got hurt my kids would make him pictures.  He help Caleb earn his Tiger Badge, he was so funny. He was such a big part of our daily routine, the kids were always so excited to see him every morning and evening and they loved watching him practice his golf stroke in the front yard.  He gave Caleb and Tate a couple of balls every now and then.  I went to his funeral on Saturday.  We were so luck to have lived across the street from him.

as a side note:  spending 5 days watching Tate cough all over wienie dog makes me need to wash it badly but he wont let it go
Ainsley is finally back to school
Aubrey went to her first 2013 party...big step for both her and us...we found out they were going to be watch a Taylor Swift movie so me and the kids spent an hour on youtube showing Aubrey who Taylor Swift was and trying to teach her some fun songs.  I think Caleb might kind of like country now.  (now I do not live in a barn but we don't have cable and the kids watch movies in the van so, my kids do not listen to the radio)

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