Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Once we got past the sickness of January, I thought February would be a great month.  The kids would all finally be back in school, no early morning fevers or sick days.  But it seems that I have not had a full week of the kids being back at school since before Christmas Break.  I am not exaggerating.  Regular daily schedules...when will they resume??  
Tate wakes up every morning, shoes in hand ready to go outside.  Sprinkle rain, mudd, snow, wind, burrrrr cold.  It doesn't stop him.  Creative begging and bribing him to come inside is getting more inventive and challenging each new day.   His hair causes lots of laughs when he takes off his hat.
Tate's lion face... 

 More then 3 times I have gone to check on Tate during nap time and have found him, pillow stacked by his window asleep.  
 With parent teacher conferences, holidays,  snow days, and teacher work days keeping the kids at home February has been the month of "I do not like my options!"  Since I have continued to make everything from scratch, no more quick snacks has been a "Mom, how will I survive!" sort of life.  I try to tell them eat more dinner, each more breakfast, just eat more when its time to eat and "you eat what you get and you don't throw a fit." Knowing that they were going to be out of school for multiple days from snow I told them they could make a list of a couple of things they would like:  apple sauce, oranges, bread, pancakes, jello, watermellon, grapes, cheese its, muffins, deserts, spaghetti , lunchables, chips, green beans, bacon, lemonade, and syrup.  On a separate list watermellon was written on every other line.
 I only have 2 kids who like playing in the snow.  Aubrey and Tate.  Ainsley and Caleb lasted until this picture was taken and then hurried back inside.  The 1st big snow storm brought thick heavy snow...Tate constantly fell and Ainsley lost a boot! 
 The 2nd big snowstorm, Aubrey built a master piece tunnel for Tate!  Andy got stuck over by the golf course trying to make it to work and we spent 4 hours with power turning on and off.  
Nothing can stop the creative aspect of snow days though.  Endless coloring, drawing, and full coloring books...sad to say that Tate took advantage of his access to markers by taking them to the walls in 3 rooms, the upstairs hall, 2 doors, and base board molding on the stairs all within a 30 minutes dinner preparing time frame.  UHG!

February did have some fun things...Ainsley went to kindergarten Round-up,  Parent Teacher Conferences for Aubrey and Caleb, a birthday party at Power Play, a Science birthday party, and a Swimming party has kept us pretty busy. 

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