Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break= Snow and freezing wind

 When you hear multiple times that it is going to be an early spring, you know its not.

Due to snow days Aubrey's musical was moved and when it finally came we loved watching the home movies.  Aubrey enjoyed a daddy-daughter night out!

 Tate's first weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Griner's house.  This was BIG!  Tate had been packing his bag for 3 days.  He had his backpack on at 6am ready to go.  We drove to Lone Jack for the drop off and he had the funnest 24 hours of his life!  Park, books, movies, outside, yummy food...Tate's kind of day.   It kicked off spring break and was 70 degrees.  While Tate was gone we spent the afternoon at the Marinov's house playing on their new swing set!
 By Monday the weather was chili.  I checked the week forecast and since Tuesday looked to be the warmest day of the week we met friends at Crown Center and planned to go to the Zoo on Tuesday.  
As many crafts as you can get done in 45 minutes was heaven for Aubrey, she disappear hoping for craft to craft.  Caleb made me a card and then hung out in the glow in the dark paint area. 
 I followed Tate.  He took painting seriously and found scissors quickly!
 Ainsley her best friend Makiya were side by side and by the end of 45 minutes everyone had a bag full  of crafts (except Caleb who had glow in the dark paint all over his fingers)!
After a sack lunch we took the kids to the exhibit.  "What do you want to be?" was the theme this year. The boys spent their time on the Chiefs football field throwing passes and the girls surfed, performed surgery, cooked, and many other fun things.  Aubrey spent a lot of time in the library.  It was fun to get the kids together with some friends!
Tuesday we woke up early and headed to the was freezing.  The good thing about that is the Polar Bear and Sea Otters were doing all sorts of flips.  The bad thing was the train wasn't running or the sky lift.  We left just in time for the heavy snow to start.  
Bad weather kept us indoors for the rest of the week and on Friday we had visitors!  Hide and Seek, Tag, and Wreck it Ralf was the prefect end to a cold week.  Grandma Griner came up also!
Fun, cold week...when it gets warmer hopefully we will make it to some parks when they are out of school in April.  

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