Friday, April 5, 2013


Our Easter weekend started off with 2 colds (Andy and Caleb) and rain so I took the healthy 3 to Andy's works Easter Egg hunt.  We've gone every year and to be honest play-doh, painting, egg coloring, liquid glue crafts...if they can get that all in one place, not in my kitchen, then YES!  
 Tate was very excited to see the Easter bunny and sat on his lap multiple times throughout the event.  "He's my bud," Tate would say.
 When it was time to get all 3 kids next to the Easter bunny Tate wouldn't cooperate.  That is what usually happens with one child or another, its always something.
 Ainsley has been begging me to get the play-doh out since we moved.  I have been lucky to not have too.  Thanks to her visits with Grandma Griner, moon sand at school, and this activity I have been able to re-route her desire.  Tate usually just crumbles it and throughs it everywhere but he actually did really good here.
 Ainsley was so excited you would have thought it was Christmas.  She acts like often about the simplest things, the white reading books she gets from school, the stickers a friend gave me, a cutie (orange)...its great.
 Aubrey dyed 5 eggs, made a picture frame, and colored.  The egg hunt was split up by age.  Although, they should have probably split it up by size because once it was time to start Tate dominated.
 Aubrey left a picture for the Easter Bunny and Easter morning was nice.  Ainsley was over joyed by her dollar store crayons and Tate loved his flashlight.  
 We drove to Andy's parents. It was a beautiful day and the kids loved seeing them and Aunt Judy.  Tate cheated on the Easter Egg hunt but Grandpa Griner found him just in time to re-hide them.
 The weather...cold, snow, freezing, freezing wind....I have a good feeling that it is over.  The kids are split.  No matter what the weather is like they still like to go sledding.  The good news is I think I have found a way to keep pants on Tate.  I think the neighbors have seen enough of his "whitey tighties" as they call them.
Things the kids do...
well Tate hides things.  The minute I go to the bathroom, hop in the shower, make a bed....he bolts.  This is his usual spot.  Everything he thinks is important he puts in here or under the table.  It took me a while to find his spot.  I said out loud one day "Where is the ice cream scoop?" and Tate said excitedly, "I'll get it!"  
Caleb was sluggish over spring break, I asked him where his dirty clothes were so I could complete laundry for the mid-week and he had them on.  ALL OF THEM.  In layers.  He would just put the clean clothes over the dirty clothes!!!  WHO DOES THAT??
Ainsley...Did you know Mom?  Did you, did you know Mom?  All day she asks me, by really telling me something she learned from school or Caleb or from exploring.  ALL DAY LONG.  There is never silence there. embarrased by me.  Mostly, when I answer questions wrong or not right away.  The questions are always out of the blue and not on topic.  She always gives me this looks, its like Really Mom, Really!  What I want to know it why must everyone ask me questions all day long....
So, I do not spend my time learning about the birth of snakes.  Honestly, I really think snakes are gross and so my knowledge of snakes was basically from Indiana Jones (you know the part where they cut the snake open and little snakes come out).  So when Aubrey asked me how snakes are born I said I don't know but then referenced to her that movie, she had seen it and I couldn't believe she didn't remember.  Well, Caleb has a book on snakes (memorized of course).  THEY COME FROM EGGS!  Since I was wrong Caleb let me know we had a snake documentary on Netflix.  I can add that and the squid one to the top of my "Gross Me Out" list.

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