Saturday, May 4, 2013


To say that I was counting down the days to May in an understatement.  May is always magical.  The end of the school year meaning no more...Where's your homework?  Why didn't you turn your homework in?  YOUR GOING TO MISS THE BUS!! more car line.  It means sun, swimming, and pool preparation.  It means putting coats away and grilling.

 At the end of April Caleb was one of leads in his school play.  It was fun to watch him.  He was "Conner Complainer" with lines like "I never sleep...I just stay up all night and play video games.  I only eat jelly beans for breakfast."  He was front and center the entire play and it was so fun to watch!  When Andy and I were reading lines with him we were a little worried that they wrote his part just for him and his 3DS obsession.  Lots of fun.  Marlene drove up and we loved having her.
 Caleb loves these Wimpy Kid books and one about Zombies.  I was pleasantly surprised to see him reading when I had been looking for him, no so happy that he almost walked out of the house for the bus with no shoes on.  We are trying to work on focus.
 Andy's dad spent the night in Ainsleys room when he stayed with us for his Dental Conference.  We had a lot of fun and the kids loved seeing him.  The next night Ainsley said she had Grandpa dreams because he slept in her bed.  She loves her grandpa!
Now as for May...what I didn't expect is SNOW.  Are you kidding me!!  It was 80 degrees two days in a row.  We got out the fun sprinkler, life was sunny and happy.  Snow...yuck!  Will Summer ever come?!!
As for Tate.  That is pretty good as far as clothes go.  We turn around and he is constantly naked.  Every little spec of water, drip of syrup, squeeze of a cutie and he has to change.  Last week I had to take him to the doctor (a new doctor close to home) and they tried to give him shots...I do not think any nurse, doctor, or myself was prepared for his 42 pounds of strength.  Wo!

The truth of the matter at hand...
Every week Tate presents me with a demand.  Weather he has had a dream about it.  Who knows.  One week it was donuts, another it was a skateboard.  He asks and asks over and over.  Now he is onto dogs.  Every time I put him in the car he asks "Are we going to get my dog?"  So, we sat down and had a serious talk about it because this just isn't going away.  I ask...Who will walk the dog?  Tate raises his hand and replies I will carry the dog for a walk! Who will clean up all of the poop?  Tate raises his hand and says I will clean the big poop, I will I will!  The dog will have to stay outside.  Tate  raises his hand and says I will sleep in the garage with the dog!
Really though, it will be me.  I do hope he moves onto something else soon.  I did explain that Batman does not have a dog and he turned out just fine.

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