Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Swim of the Season

 No tornado sirens.... swimmings a go!
The very first official regular day of summer vacation.  What is up with the weather?!!  
 I guess with the constant rain, the turtles have come out to play.  Tate named the first turtle "boy turtle."  I noticed that the turtle would not be living long in his care so a couple of hours later...while Tate wasn't looking I set the turtle free in the field. 
  What were the odds that another turtle appeared this morning!  It was a fast one...luckily for the turtle it got away while Tate was using the bathroom.  He named this turtle Franklin.
 Today is the first official normal day of summer vacation.  I spent the entire morning counting down the hours until the pool opened.  It is a crying shame that we do not have a neighborhood pool and the closest pool to us is over twenty minutes away.  Still I kept checking the clock...the clouds kept getting darker and by the time 1:00pm came it had started to sprinkle. We waited and by 3:30 it had stopped, although we are under tornado warning the pool opened and we heading out with a crazy sky and excitement to check out the new pool!! 
 Sad to say that Caleb still doesn't reach the 48inch mark...no big slides for him.  The kids just eats and eats but doesn't grow taller.  He was so close ( 47.5) so they are let him go on the lazy river.  

There is a fun obstacle course.  It's funny how all 3 of the older kids compete differently.  Caleb flings his body from moving pad to moving pad.  His success rate is about 50/50.
 Aubrey doesn't like to get wet so she hangs onto the net.  She is so tall!  She did go off the diving board a couple of times but once she gets dry she likes to stay dry.
Ainsley is incredible!  Jumping and even skipping pads!   She actually isn't tall enough to do the obstacle course but since it was a slow day the life guard let her.  I really believe that if the kids can swim in the deep end let them go on the slide and stuff.  She was pretty bummed that she will not to be able to go on the lazy river. 
Tate...well after exploring, dipping his toes in, and testing out the under 4 area he was ready to observe and sing the pool music.  It was nice to only have 50 or so kids there and it was fun for my kids to see all of their school friends!  As for me...this might be the best summer of my life if it ever warms up and the sun comes out.  Going to the pool with no sun is relaxing but it would be even better with humidity and a tan!

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