Sunday, June 2, 2013

I love you more than watermelon!

How did we spend our one week break?
Aubrey and Caleb start their summer enrichment programs tomorrow.  Caleb for Science (thank goodness...hopefully he'll get bugs and yuck out of his system away from the house) and Aubrey for Academics.  
We spent this week being lazy, for the most part.  There was a lot of rain, what seems like a wind-like earth quake, and a little bit of summer homework.  I found the local weather to be inaccurate 100% of the week.   When it said it was going to be bad is wasn't and when it said the weather was going to be sunny it absolutely was NOT!
 We headed to the pool so the kids could meet up with their school friends on Friday.  I "casually" told Ainsley that if she went off the diving board I would let her get a milk shake...she grabbed my hand headed strait there.  
 I thought Caleb was just going to do a regular jump..he stood there for a while and I guess decided to dive.  Since I thought we were only going to be there for an hour before it started to hail I was not very prepared.  The city alarm went off and started staying a tornado had touched 10 miles away and hail was expected.  I started packing up to go home but everyone around me just listened and was like, hum.  10 minutes later the sun came blasting out and 4 hours later we were burnt.  Cruel cruel world!  
 No matter how burnt we were we gently put on our clothes for Saturdays orthodontist zoo day!  Our year pass expired so when Andy's parents invited us to go for free (lunch included) we were very excited.  The kids also got to take silly pictures with their grandparents, enter a drawing for a giant stuffed cat, eat a lot of cookies, and they received a cool little back pack.
We loved showing grandma and grandpa the ROUS' and monkeys.  The weather was wonderful and it was a great end to our week!
I would like to point out things my kids have said this wonderful, school free week...

-I have been waiting my whole life for you to get me milk!
-Did you know Mom?  Did you know Mom? (add about 50 more and that cover half of what I hear in one morning)
-I do not need pants.
-BUT MOM....
-My room IS clean. (unless Ainlsey says it, then FAULSE)
-I do not like my options (meaning their 3 food reply is next time I will give you no OPTIONS)
-Where is my DS case?
It's the million little phrases that make me love/hate the first week of Summer Break.  Tate is so confused that is destructiveness is invaded but loves the company or additional older helpers.  The best thing said was from Ainsley.. at night when I put her to bed I always say I love you, I love you a lot, I love you infinity...Ainlsey was half asleep but she said, "I love you more than Watermelon."  That pretty much sums it all up.

*Happy 34th Birthday to Andy!
*Congrats to my brother Seth for graduating Medical School!  Dr. Clark!

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