Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Because I gave you life

Because I gave you life
With summer camp coming to an end, fall school enrollment 2 days past, dental appointments done (thanks to the best dentist in the Midwest-Andy's dad), and the weather calming down I have decided a couple of things.  
Summer rules do not change hourly.  
I am not sure why the kids think every day when they wake up they might, BUT THEY WONT.
It could be could ALWAYS be worse!
 EXAMPLE ONE...  Caleb would not stop kicking dirt while we were waiting in pool line for the pool to open.  I gave him 3 warnings.  Each time I told him if he didn't stop I was going to make him hold my hand in front of his friends.  Lesson learned, a little too late for him....but he will not kick dirt again.
EXAMPLE TWO...a wet pool towel.  As I saw it, it was clean strait out of the washing machine, it was hot outside, and be grateful that I brought you towels.  Give it 10 minutes and they will be dry or tomorrow I do not have to bring towels at all!
EXAMPLE THREE....  Why cant they just be grateful that I gave them life?  I mean truly, it must be so hard to be 7!
 Random bus stop 13 minutes away, in some random subdivision, with the bus driver who's schedule is unpredictable.  If you ask me it seems extremely unsafe for children so young to be dropped off in an area they no nothing about.  What if I wasn't a responsible parent?  What if I wasn't there waiting 15 minutes early and tapping my fingers when the bus driver was running 10 minutes late.  I am grateful that I do not have to drive all the way to the elementary school, I just found this arrangement odd.  Also, has anyone seen school buses that kids ride in these days?  They are so cool futuristic! (Caleb's frown is about his 3DS, I will not let him take it to school even though all of his other friends get too.  Mostly because for science camp you do not take a backpack and today he is exploding his volcano...that just screams mess to me.  Despite what he might think I do not just wake up in the morning and say how can I make Caleb's life hard and miserable.  Really, I don't.)
By 7:30 am Ainsley is done with breakfast and ready to play with Nevah!  (a 4 year old neighbor down the street) 

 By 7:30 Tate is done with breakfast and ready for snack, which he will not let me heat up.  Actually, he has been eating everything mildly cold or raw (oatmeal).  It is gross.  While he wasn't looking I tried to warm it up and he was extremely upset and told me to chill it in the freezer.  He has also been holding that remote, I think he uses it to "keep his teeth clean" who really knows or "keep his hair short."  It was for the tv in the van but he broke it with a bat (I am still SUPER upset about that considering all the driving I do).
Tate has made GIGANTIC leaps and bounds at the pool this week...he will now put the front of his face in the water OR the back of his head in the water (as long as his ears do not go under).  I think it is great!  These pictures are taken in zoom.  I have made it to page 300 of my book, woot woot!  I have come up with a buddy system so that when the kids friends come looking for them I know where they are.  Every time they go to a new section they have to come and tell me.  Today I was so proud!!  Caleb has this little friend that I swear spends the better part of an hour looking for him every day but today I was able to point right to him!!!  BUDDY!!!

A couple of things....
To Caleb...consuming 2 sams clubs bags of apples a week is alot
To the turtles in the fields... do you wish to die?  I keep setting you free, Tate keeps finding you.  I know you aren't the same one each time.  How many are you?
To not ask for ice cream for breakfast, even right after you eat breakfast.  It just isn't going to happen.
To Aubrey please stop leaving your candy wrappers ALL over the house! 
To the child (I do not think it was Aubrey so you are you free to live another day) who thought it was funny to scare me with the "snake" IT WASN'T and I am pretty sure the neighbors thought I found a human head laying in the field.  BE NICE TO YOUR MOTHER!

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Clair said...

keep up the great work! we loved staying with you guys... thanks a million!!!