Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My plan

A plan..
I have a summer plan.  To survive, be relaxed and calm.  I think that the only reason I have been able to do that so far is because we were not involved in Spring/Summer sports.  Wow, no hurry hurry hurry.  Now it isn't like my children are not getting their exercise, and its not that we will participate in fall sports (we plan on it now that we are more familiar with the community) it is just so nice to have nothing to do and no where to be.   
We have had weird weather of course...rain and 70 degrees until this week 90's!!  
Caleb got to dissect a shark (or so he told me) during his science class, make slime, and has made clay.
Aubrey has had fun and both kid enjoy eating breakfast and lunch at school.
I do not so much enjoy driving all the way to the new bus stop (over 10 minutes) but I am lucky I do not have to drive all the way to the school.  
 About 20 minutes after I put the kids to bed I went to check on them...I guess Ainsley had snuck into the boys room.  Caleb and Tate always sleep together (even though they each have their own bed).  They must have been extremely tired!!
*Ainsley is double layered with her clothes.  She has been doing that the past two weeks with her pajama's and socks at night time so she can be "extra cozy!" 
 I usually do not see Caleb at all when we are at the pool.  He is with this friend or that friend, but every once in a while he plops down for my SWEET snack! (goldfish mixed with skittles)
 Over the course of 2 days, 8.5 hours at the pool I have only read 28 pages of my book.  What is with the necklace? Why can he hear her voice?  What does the civil war have to do with it?  Ainlsey and Tate keep dragging me here or there so I might never know!!!  Ainsley trying to drive.  It didn't end well.  It was her very first belly flop.  
 On week 3 Tate finally got into the water past his ankles!!  I went to get a picture and capture this girl walking up to him and kissing him.   Hu?!!
He did have his ear plugs but I think they fell out.  I need to get him some better ones.

Well, other then being completely boring people I think my plan is going good.
 Last week the kids got a good laugh at me because on Monday after mowing the lawn and spending the afternoon at the pool I got a bad allergic reaction leaving my left eye and side of my face completely swollen.  It was so bad, I couldn't even open my eye so on Tuesday when I woke up and it still was bad I went to the doctor.  A shot and a couple medicines later I was going to live!!  How weird!  Aubrey and Caleb thought it was hilarious, Ainsley must really love me because she was very worried, and Tate kept trying to poke me!  Apparently the medicine I was on for the rest of the week can make you burn...ya... caked on the 50 sunscreen and burned all week long!  I have no idea what I was allergic too...Kanas I am sure!

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