Saturday, May 25, 2013

Your doing it!!

Have you ever seen Hook? 
 Pretty much the best Thanksgiving movie of all time.  There is a line where the little lost boys and tinker bell say, "Your doing it!  Your doing Peter your doing it!"  That is how I felt today.  Ainsley wanted the training wheels off of her bike but the next thing I saw Aubrey was riding without training wheels!
 I could hear myself yelling, "Your doing it Aubrey!  Your doing it!"  
Now although she is almost 9, you might think that is an old age to finally take off the training wheels.  Aubrey is more of a leisure person.  She diddle daddles and likes to take her time, so 2 years ago when Caleb got a bike without training wheels we didn't push Aubrey. 
She can start and do turns all by herself.  How about that?!!
Ainsley decided to keep the training wheels a while longer.  We just switched them out for Aubreys old ones.  


Bryan and Katie said...

I'm pretty sure we saw Hook together in the theater lol. Yay for riding a big girl bike!

The Griner Family: said...

Haha Katie! I am sure!

Bryan and Katie said...

p.s. I think you are the greatest mom ever. I'm cramming my kids in all close together and I totally look to you as an example ; )