Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preschool Graduation

What is means to graduate preschool...
Normally I would say not to much about preschool graduation.  YES, it is cool that you will get to go to kindergarten and YES you finished your first year of everyday, half day routine and learning but preschool graduation celebration...really?  With Aubrey it was neat, with Caleb we held our breath (more along the lines of HE ACTUALLY SURVIVED) but with Ainsley it was exciting and emotional (Happy Tears as Ainsley calls them).  With Ainsley preschool graduation it cuts our daily tie to the city, an incredible educational program, and a wonderful teacher that has spent the last 5 years teaching my children, helping my children, and teaching me as well.  Her kindness and compassion in her teaching has made the kids love school and want to learn more and more!
Ainsley and Miss Susan 
 Ainsley getting her diploma. I wasn't able to get there in time but Andy was.  When I arrived to pick her up it was pretty exciting.  As I drove away I started crying and I couldn't stop.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!  I guess saying goodbye, moving forward, and remembering.  I have spent so much time in car line the last couple of years...seeing the same faces, getting the same white books, and progress letters.  I think that I am the one that enjoyed the everyday, half a day routine.
 Of course, now that Ainlsey is a kindergartener she was excited to pour her own milk and she even organized her drawers with pants that she does not think she will wear for kindergarten because they are size 5 and she will be 6.
Graduating preschool means she gets to stay up extra late, take a bubble bath, and have a milk shake.
There are a lot of positives... saving $65.00 a week or more on gas to take her to school pretty much adds 10 positives.  So today...only happy tears and we have officially completed our move.  Ainsley got into the all day kindergarten program so next year it will just be Tate and me.  We will see if I can survive his curiosity!  

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