Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We are ready!

We are 100% ready for summer.  Caleb got his first sunburn, Ainsley has her swimsuits ready, I was finally able to put all the coats away, and  we only have 7 days left of school!
 Since it was 90 degrees I thought I would lay out while Tate took a nap.  I let Ainsley put her towel next to me but every 5 minutes or so she would rotate from sunbathing to bike riding.  Relaxing just does not factor into her world.  Why would she want to do that?! 
 The down fall to summer is the clothes situation for Tate.  He is constantly without clothes and warm weather only makes it worse BUT for the last week he has to wear a helmet (I am guessing it is to alway be prepared to ride his little bike).  The good side is he cannot fit clothes over it!  
We were getting out of the car for church on Sunday and I forgot he had it on.  He was totally prepared to wear it inside!
 Smores and sprinkler...
With school coming to an end they had their last pajama day!
Ainsley's spring/summer job is to water the plants.  She doesn't miss a day!!

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