Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Day in a Life: September

A Day in a Life: September

I am extremely excited that I did the right day…the 4th.  I came so close to 14 pictures but I got sick and life got crazy when 4:30pm hit.  So here is my almost 14 pictures on September 4th!

 The announcement picture.  After 4+ years of trying, 2 specialists, and 1 primary doctor we sadly came to the final conclusion it was not in the cards for us…Imagine our surprise then!!  Gigantic confusion, "No, there's no way", and scared joy was the reaction.  The kids didn't believe us and when we finally convinced them 100% for real they were so excited!  So we are over joyed and happy to announce….TATE IS BEING PROMOTED TO BIG BROTHER!  
 Since the early morning weather was nice I mowed the lawn and came in to find Winston had ate one of my flip-flops!  Just cruel, he will eat anything!
 By 9:30am Tate and I were off the local farm for a play date.  

 We watched the ending of a giant cow get milked and Tate tried in out too…
 Tate and Coltin explored the tee-pee's and looked at indian artifacts.
 Ride your own tractor…OF COURSE!
 Feed the baby goats a bottle…for some reason the gate to go in wasn't open this morning but boys are easy to please!
 Pump your own water.
On our way to the mom goats I was so excited to see the oversized pigs but sadly there are 2 baby pigs there now.  Poor Wilber!
 Feed the pregnant mom goats food.  Now, pregnant mom goats look sadly gross…you can see the outline of a baby in their stomach its super SUPER gross!
 Tate had to hug each and every one of them!
Play on a the play ground, get covered in hot sticky sand, and have the time of your life all for free!  By 12:30pm it was over 90 degrees, so with the heat added to all of the wonderful smells of a farm it was enough to make a pregnant person vomit.  I bribed Tate a chocolate dipped ice-cream cone on the way home and he happily agreed!
The picture of Tate covered in ice-cream is not shown because the smell of ice-cream/chocolate made me sick…but it was a fun morning followed by laundry, walking/chasing the dog dinner, homework, soccer practice, and a re-run of Parenthood.  I doesn't get any better than that!

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