Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

 The joy of family pictures. I announced that we are taking a quick picture before church.  The special Christmas service, and all the kids come down in random dress clothes?  Making them all go change into their Christmas clothes was not a good way to start off pictures.  They looked at me like I should have told them to put on Christmas clothes….I would think it would be obvious!!!  I think 11 tires in all…then out the door to church!

 This is what timeout looks like.  It's a serious thing that happens when you plow down my nice, nicely decorated, extra tall Christmas tree.  It was recoverable but it took forever and a box of ornaments were shattered!:( 
 Christmas Eve was a lot of fun.  Our 3rd year tradition…fancy dinner that everyone helps with while dad is at work.  Fancy table setting, sparkling juice, and fancy cups.  Afterwards we opened pj's from the Clark Grandparents, did Chimes, and watched It's a Wonderful Life.
 Aubrey's note to Santa and Mrs. Clause.  This was a tough one.  She wanted to believe so badly, she asked me point blank and I just couldn't break the spirit.  I asked her "How does Christmas make you feel?..What do we do differently during Christmas?…Why do we really celebrate Christmas?  I told her told hold onto those feelings and thoughts.  I think it bought me one last year!
 After the kids were in bed asleep we brought the presents down (I am not cool enough to leave them under the tree…no no).  We were extra sneaky this year.  Waiting until 2 or 3am.  We knew Aubrey would be waiting/listening….we did great.  
 Filling the stockings that Grandma Griner made us almost 12 years ago and laying stuff out.  This was a fun year.  Of course, the kids were up by 5 tip toeing downstairs.  We made them wait until 6 until we came down.
Caleb got the skateboard he wanted so badly, metal detector, and fishing pole.  "Santa" aka. Andy also put a Mine Craft shirt in his stocking…which Caleb said, "Santa must be real because Mom would never let me have a video game shirt!!!"  True that is!!!  Andy added it last minute!
 Ainsley about died when she saw the One Direction blanket Grandma Griner gave her.  
Tate was very excited for all the boxes…"Oooo, is this my box I asked for?'  The fact that things came in the box was a bonus.  

We made blueberry muffins and watched The Christmas Story.  We played HiHo Cherry-o, Don't break the ice, and spent the rest of the day being lazy!!  The kids all agree it was the best Christmas Ever!

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