Friday, January 9, 2015

Griner 2014 Newsletter

Griner Christmas 2014
We’ve had a busy year on our Yellow Brick Road, always something to do and places to go.  A summer of musicals, water parks, and days at the lake!  Turtle and frog catching, exploring, camping as a family and sailing for the first time!  The kids enjoyed their weekend turn at Grandpa/Grandpa Griner’s house, cooking on the fire pit, playing board games, and watching the Royals in the playoffs and World Series!

Andy (35) Enjoys working at Garden Terrace, his patients, and co-workers.  He played the guitar for Ainsley’s kindergarten class and the kids loved listening to the new songs he has written! He went to the Monday Night Football game with his brother Nate, big win!  He also went on a couple of elementary field trips!

Aubrey (10) Knows who she is and what she stands for.  She loves to write stories, draw, and go to activity days.  She joined Choir and made the Student Council, which keeps her very busy.  She HAS to pack her own lunch and pick out her own clothes.  She loves bike riding and playing tetherball!

Caleb (9) Went to scout camp for the first time (rain, tornado weather, AND shine), loves skateboarding, reading, playing basketball, and running fast.  He enjoys science and cool planes/jets.  Grandpa Griner took him fishing for the first time and he caught some big ones!!!

Ainsely (7) Is a dreamer, a pretender, and a dancer.  She loves everyone, loves to dance, and loves food!  She loves school, homework, and helping others.  She has had a blast playing soccer this year and recently started gymnastics!  She participated in the high school mini cheer camp and cheered at the high school football game!

Tate (5) Is easy to please, strong willed, and always dirty.  He loves to explore, swim, and can get into mischief so quickly it makes me scared to turn around!  He loves his grandparents, preschool teacher, and always has something in his hands or pocket!

Winston (1) Family favorite, giant fat beast, and lazy.  He likes to play tetherball, skate board, and play keep away ball…we all love to watch him!  He is Tate’s right hand man for exploring and trouble!  He is loveable and affectionate and our family wouldn’t be the same without him!

Sara (29) This year I learned that volunteering in kindergarten is rewarding and I love every minute of it!  I learned that being pregnant while having older children isn’t easier it’s just a different kind of busy with extra hustle and bustle!  I learned that snow in May is not my friend and snow in early November well…no kind words.  I learned how much I love watching my children participate in musicals, sports, and receive awards.  I learned that being called to serve in Young Women’s isn’t scary and it is a blast.  I learned (but haven’t discovered) that there has to be an easier way than hours of Common Core with your kids, if I leave my boots out Winston will eat them, and I love a house full of people!  I learned that through loss comes strength and love, through gospel lesson preparation comes personal strength and compassion, and through silence comes the ability to learn and grow.  I can’t wait to be 30!

With all the after school activities, swimming fun, and play dates we are adding one new adventure to our daily lives…a baby boy in early 2015.  We are excited to welcome a new little person/personality into our family because after all…There is no place like home!
Andy,Sara,Aubrey,Ainsley,Tate, and Winston

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