Thursday, February 12, 2015


Kicking off 2015 was mellow!  We were invited to a couple of different New Year's parties but went with the one that ended the earliest!  They set their clocks forward (like we do) at at 9:00pm we banged pots, threw "dynamite", toasted sparkling cider, and kissed for good luck.  It was nice to be at someone else's house, relaxing!  The kids had a blast and we were all home and asleep by 11:00pm! (this might be the last year we can do that)

January came and went fast.  School started, temperatures dropped, new homework was added, and gymnastics 3 times a week.  Tate started swim lessons, Aubrey/Caleb and Tate got the stomach flu, and Andy was called to teach Ainsley's Sunday class.  

I continued to be extremely sick day and night, our van was broken into (purse/electronics stollen) window shattered, and the kids went to 2 birthday parties!

I turned 30!  I have waited my entire married life to be 30.  I love it and I am so excited!

This is the only January picture I can find.  It has been so cold and Winston doesn't like being outside.  HE ABSOLUTELY HATES HIS COAT!!!  Please also note he is not allowed on the couch but I find that Andy lets him on when I am not around…all my hard work training him gone to waste!

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