Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First 10 days

Better than Christmas Morning…

I must say we were unprepared to bring Teague home.  Although we had 9 months to prepare, we did not.  We didn't have any bottles, we didn't have any formula, we didn't have any diapers.  Andy rushed out and bought all of the above but wow!  A lot of pressure, all at once.  We moved in slow motion and all of the children huddled close by watching.  Every single arm move, sneeze, and wiggle was exciting!  
Considering the kids said this past Christmas was the best day of their entire life we were surprised that they excitedly race to wake up early and get ready to be with their new baby brother.  More so than they did Christmas morning.  Who will hold him first?  Who will kiss him first?  Who will touch his arm first?  Who will look at him first?  The morning suspense is on going and hasn't let up!  The problem is that it is getting earlier and earlier….

The first week home was busy busy busy.  Doctor appointment after doctor appointment for jaundice.  My doctor appointment for blood pressure and anemia.  Too many things stacked up with Choir/Student Council/Gymnastics/Pre-school…here, there, everywhere.  We missed a couple of activities and just stayed home for a family movie night.
Tate was a champ and helped me give Teague his first bath.  He is a great helper.  Official "diaper runner", clothes "picker outer",  water measurer, blanket folder, and song singer.

 I hadn't notice that Tate was only picking out clothes with stripes for Teague.  He had handed me a plain shirt and quickly exchanged it saying, "No, no…here a stripe shirt so he can pretend to be in jail!"  Weird, but then I thought about it.  I had family game night with the kids a couple of days prior.  I taught them to play Monopoly.  During the game Tate drew a card that made him GO TO JAIL (do not pass go do not collect $200).  He flipped out!  He instantly paid $50 to get out of jail.  Maybe it is connected. 
On Thursday night while I took the 3 older kids to Parent Teacher Conference, sick hit home hard.  The worst stomach virus since 2008.  A full 24 hours.  
Ending the first full week with 5 kids could have gone smoother.  With 3 days of no school, Tate's stomach virus turn cough, a busy Valentine's Day Saturday with a friends baptism including a morning baking refreshments.  It was a special Valentine's Day with our new little Teague to make our house full of love!!
Week 2 with 5 kids I was determined to figure it all out correctly.  To not be exhausted at the end of the day when I have accomplished nothing, to try to establish a better routine, and to try to get meals on the table at a reasonable hour.  
This is much harder than my mom made it out to be!!!!
I am at the end of day 3, week 2….
Pictures to document.  Call it bad luck or good luck.  Either way.  Tate has bronchitis with developing pneumonia on the left side…he spent the last 24 hours spitting up his medicine.  Ainsley started with the stomach virus first, an hour later Aubrey, and then Caleb….all 4 kids so very sick.  All 3 older kids throwing up/diarrhea.  24 hours of unbelievable sickness.  
Bribe…I am going to be THAT mom.  Andy brought home the coolest super hero action figures.  Tomorrow if he swallows his medicine he gets to pick a super hero.  
Ainsley was so sad she missed class pictures.  Her fever broke first!  She was the first to eat apple sauce and keep it down!
Aubrey handled being sick the worst.  She was so sad.  
Everyone's temperatures are down except Caleb.  You know your kids are sick when they do not even want to play video games or watch tv.  After a day of non-stop laundry I was able to get beds re made in time for them to crawl back in and fall asleep.  After a long day I have decided I would rather have them all sick at one time then have a domino effect…
Teague missed everyone, all the attention.  Everyone missed him to but as soon as they feel better they can hang out with him!!!  I think next week might be a good week for me to figure out a routine??!

Things I have learned about having a baby again…
1. My fingers hurt from all the buttons on the baby clothes
                          2. It takes me a lot longer to get out the door with a baby, double prep time            (forget make-up, not worth it)
                                   3. There is no need to rush, if I get there I get there.  If I do it, I do it.
                                  4. Folding clothes at night when the baby is awake is awesome.  Why didn't I do this with the other children?  
                                   5. Car Seat covers are really a great invention.
                                   6.  Having a Caleb with a baby means undying honesty.  
Example:  I say we should go to the pool today so I can sit in the hot tub.  I feel like I have been hit by             a bus.
Caleb replays: Mom, "Being hit by a bus would hurt worst than having a baby"pause then cautiously and quietly says, "I do not think your upper body would fit into a bathing suit."

Example 2: I am trying on pre-baby dresses for a baptism exactly a week after I got home from the hospital.  Caleb looks at me and says in a kind and cautious voice, "Mom, maybe you should try on a different skirt."

The honesty of a 9 year old.  Just looking out for me:)

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Bryan and Katie said...

HAhaha!! That is so funny!

& #3 is right...if you get there, you get there, if you do it, you do it. No need to stress out or have a routine that works yet. Must remember that it's just easier to give in to the chaos and take it slow. The chaos doesn't last forever, just a small time, so just give in and lower your expectations :)