Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's DO December

Let's DO December!
December has come and gone.  2 musicals, 4 choir performances, 3 kids in gymnastics, party decorating for 350 people, Christmas Fiesta, lights, painting, and preparing.

I do not think we could have squeeze more into December than we have.  With the kids getting older there is more to be done, more places to go, more projects to turn in, and more homework.  Oh the dog….yes, he is still around if only by default (the default is that the kids count him as a family member…he ruined my tree, ate my boots, and is a GIANT LAZY BEAST)!
 There were so many lights to see..The Magic Tree in Lee's Summit was amazing, LongView Lake lights, Edgerton lights, and lights near Olathe Lake.  It was Tate's first Christmas that he could remember (last year he was so sick and recovering from what was suppose to be a minor surgery, nothing is MINOR with Tate).  Everything was amazing, and magic!
 I signed Ainsley up for gymnastics.  With Ainsley signed up Aubrey wanted signed up (because before school Chior and Student Council aren't enough).  Then Caleb was watching the boys pro team and was signed him up for 2 classes a week by the end of the night.  3 nights a week at gymnastics…at least they get all their energy out and they really like it!
 So many performances….Aubrey's 4th grade, Caleb's 3rd grade, and it was so fun to watch them.  Aubrey has a speaking part and did great…Caleb had a main part/solo.  Add, Christmas in the park…at the school…at the high school.  Lots and lots to do!
The kids also had field trips to the Baseball stadium the last week of school in the rain/sleet.  BURRRR!
Ainsley turned in her Family Christmas Tree Project and Aubrey turned in her project with help from Grandma Clark's trip to Israel it made the project memorable with a scarf, wooden flute, and bracelet from Jerusalem for her presentation.
Add a half birthday celebration and it was a wild busy week before school got out!  Me personally, I do not understand half birthday celebrations.  I did birthday, but it was important to Aubrey for me to eat lunch with her and her friends, its rare that Aubrey lets me into her world.  I'll take it!
 Painting the babies room, re-painting the babies room because the colors weren't right.  Having a friend make an awesome Hosmer matted picture…..AWESOME!!!  
 Shifting room furniture, putting together a crazy old crib, all while dealing with the girls sharing a room.  Sharing is going to take some caring…the motto I seem to be hollering more often then a 10 and 7 year old should need to hear it!
 Being asked to decorate for the churches 350 people "ALL OUT, MUST BE EXTRA FESTIVE"Christmas party.  Note, if I ever get asked to do it again do not underestimate set up time!!! Hand painting pine cones, glittering up branches, and cutting out names of the Savior was fun…the gold glitter might never come out of the garage floor.
 I have been trying to learn how to tie the boys ties, I think I am doing a pretty good job!   Although, Caleb always rolls his eyes and says "OH, MOM!!" 
All the kids sang in the Talent Show, Tate next to his best buddy Livvi!
 Caleb was here and there.  He decided to sit with friends for dinner instead of his AWESOME mom!  
Ainsley's brand new, arrived the day before the party Christmas dress.  It lasted 15 minutes (tops) before the tool was torn.  Tom Boy is loosely used…when ALL BOY should be her description.  The 3 older kids sat on santa's lap and Aubrey's "awesome" friends explained in detail about Santa not being real.  
We decide to forgo our New Years Day party because I have been so sick so we had a Mexican Fiesta with 6 other families the Friday before Christmas.  It was a lot of fun with trivia, Christmas Chimes, all the homemade mexican food you can eat, Christmas slushy, and Homemade Hot Chocolate with endless toppings!  
I took the kids to the new indoor pool 2 times, we saw a couple of movies, and the kids tired Chinese…not big fans (except Ainsley who will eat everything and anything).
We had Andy's sister and her 4 kids stay with us for 2 days, we made cookies and watched fun Christmas Movies!

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