Friday, June 27, 2008

Why are my kids obsessed with DESITIN?
It doesn't matter where we hide it, they find it!
Story: Around 10:30 Ainsley woke up from her nap and I put her in her high chair to feed her some sweet potatoes. It had been raining all day so Aubrey and Caleb were restless. We had spent the morning having a tea party, making "green eggs and ham", and playing pirate. We had also had play-doh and coloring time and they helped me with a "top secret mission" of folding the clothes. I put MAX AND RUBY on for them to watch so I could feed Ainsley and I kept hearing giggles. Aubrey kept saying "Mommy I make a necklace!" and "KK looks like Daddy!" I thought they were wanting to play dress up so I said for them to hold on a minutes. When giggles persisted and Aubrey yeld "Mommy, look I am very beautiful" I knew something was out of the ordinary so I peeked around the corner.....DESITIN EVERYWHERE. Caleb was pretending to shave and Aubrey had made a necklace and bracelet of DESITIN. Boy oh Boy!!

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Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That is so crazy! I can't imagine the scrubbing involved to remove Desitin like that. It sure sounds like you were having a fantastic day prior to that episode!