Friday, June 13, 2008

Recently, over the past 2 weeks, I have realized that during the course of my day there are certain words I am going to hear everyday all day! Some of the words are wonderful and I look forward to hearing but other words are DREADED and I do everything I possibly can to avoid them!

#1 Can I be Sleeping Beauty today Mommy?
(For Aubrey Sleeping Beauty is IT! Snow White, Tinker Bell, and Cinderella are acceptable only IF Sleeping Beauty is dirty)
#2 Am I very beautiful Mommy?

#3 Mommy, Where is my doodle pad?
I can not find my doodle pad?
Mommy go find my doodle pad!

#4 Where are my Cinderella shoes Mommy?
#5 I want to get married!
(When asked "Who do you want to marry?" she says, "I don't know yet" in a very irritated voice)
#6 I am cooking Green Eggs and Ham!
#7 UH OH Caleb!
(ALWAYS said coming for Caleb's direction)
#8 Give me back my kiss:)
(always said happily and she learned it from little bear)

Most of Caleb's words either end with him in time out or in a bath:)
#1 Look at me Mommy!
#2 KK very silly Mommy!
#3 Shake your bum bum, Shake your bum bum!
#4 I try to be butful (beautiful) Mommy!
#5 KK don't want to have to take a bath!
#6 KK sorry Mommy!
#7 KK not in trouble!

#8 Where's BOYNTON?
(usually associated with falling and getting hurt or time out)

Ainsley is so wonderful. We cant wait for her talk! She loves to give high fives and is walking better while holding onto things! She tries really hard to clap but with no success and she is cutting her 5th tooth!


Kristen and Spencer said...

Your kids are adorable! I love looking at your blog so I can get to know you and your kids better! So cute!

Steffaney said...

Oh I love it! That really made me laugh. They are just too cute!!! I remember hearing quite a few of those words "KK not in trouble!!!"

Clair said...

I'm so glad you're blogging. Love reading about the kids latest antics. My favorite was KK with the plunger on his head! Makes me feel good to see a picture like that and say, "glad my kid hasn't done that." Ha. Will you try to load your pictures as "large"? It will keep me from squinting and magnify the cuteness of the kids.