Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life is nice.....This past week has been a weird week!
But I guess some weeks aren't as smooth as others!

Caleb is out of diapers (YAHOO) and he lets the entire world know. Anyone and everyone that says hi to him at any time his replay is always "Hi, I go potty like a Big Boy" or "Hi, I have undies!" He is loud and proud (when I say loud that is an understatement....he is soooooooooo loud). You often hear Caleb singing BA, BA, BLACK sheep and the ABC song...which becomes extremely annoying but at least I always know where he is!!

Aubrey has been awesome this week. She is in "BIG SISTER" mode and tries to be the peacemaker. She has been more willing to have "QUIET TIME" but if you listen closely you can here her singing "High School Musical" songs or having a tea party. Now that I am in primary with her I see a more social side to her. She always has to sit by her best friend Colby (I play volleyball with his mom) and when the music leader tells everyone to sing loud she is that primary child who sings as loud as her little voice can go (I was shocked and so were all of the other primary leaders)!

Ainsley is a terror! She wont sit and eat, she wont sit still, and she breaks through my home made baby gate. She wont take a morning nap, she wont say MA MA, and she takes out all of the cute bows I put in her hair! She is finally cutting her 6th tooth and she can finally CLAP!! Yahoo!

Although this past week was a weird week today made it all worth it. Today Family Dinner was mandatory! And by family dinner I mean everyone has to be eating the same thing at the same time. I made Goolosh...Caleb said a nice prayer and everyone ate....UNBELIEVABLE!!! We talked about funny family things and then Aubrey and Caleb both asked for more! What a perfect end to a funky week!

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Clair said...

Love hearing about your 3 little ones and am very excited to see them (and you and Andy) very soon!
Caleb sounds hilarious. Isn't it great what kids say to strangers/acquaintances. Faith has been announcing to all that she's 4 now. Luckily, that one is not embarrassing. Does Ainsley say da-da? I recently looked in each of my kids baby books to see what there first words were and da-da always made the top three but ma-ma was no where. What's up with that?