Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July!!

Ainsley was very excited about the 4th of July but refused to leave in her cute hair bow!
Caleb was eagerly preparing for the egg race!
Caleb started off strong but about 5 steps after he lost his egg, he REALIZED he lost his egg. He was so confused that he bolted ahead and grabbed an egg from the ground(which was another little boys egg) and ran to the finish line!!Caleb was SOOOOOO excited for the sack race! He started out strong (about 2 minutes before everyone) and then fell. Everyone around started laughing because he started so early and he thought they were making fun of him:( Devastated and embarrassed he cried in my arms until the race was over:(
Aubrey, with the help of cousin Olivia, started the sack race slow, took 2 small hops, and then watched and waited until the race was over. What a silly girl!!
Pinata time was a blast!!! It was main attraction (until I realized I forgot the pinata)!! Luckily Grandma Griner found one of Aunt Ella's pinata! Grandma saves the day!!!
It took Aubrey and Caleb forever to understand the correct way to go down the slip n' slide!! Thank goodness for Olivia and Uncle Dave!
Aubrey started off going down the slip n' slide the cleanest way possible!

After many tries down the slip n' slide I decided that Caleb needed to take it like a MAN!!! His look of terror is really excitement!!!

Overall the 4th of July was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and celebrating Uncle Dave's and Grandma Griners birthday was a cake topper to a perfect family day!!!


Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

It's awesome to find out about your kid's personalities through this blog. That cracks me up about Caleb grabbing another egg in front of him, but that is so sad he thought everyone was laughing at him! Aubrey totally cracks me up. I can't believe she just waited for it to end. Ainsley is adorable. I can't believe she loves going so high in the swing. Thanks for the sharing the great pictures!

We are the Dall family said...

I am glad to see you have a blog. Your kids a really cute!!