Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caleb and the Coin or Coins! Two days ago I had left 5 or 6 coins on the kitchen table. I had intended to go and get my purse and add the coins to my wallet but the timer on the dryer went off so I collected the clothes and started to fold them. Minutes later Caleb came into the room holding his tummy. He looked worried so I asked him what was wrong. He replied...."I swallowed money, I cant get it out, I need an operation." I ran to the table to see what coins he had swallowed and they were all gone! I asked him where all the coins went and he said "In my tummy I need a cookie to feel all better!"
I have looked high and low for those coins....he either hid them really well or actually swallowed all of them! We are keeping a close eye on him and if they don't turn up in 2 days then I guess we will be calling the doctor:(

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