Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a wonderful, crazy, and busy 4 years.
Aubrey has grown and changed so quickly. From a quiet little 5 pound 15 ounce baby I never would have thought I would cry, worry, care, or love so much. I am so thankful for the joy she has brought into my life and for the opportunity she gave me to become a mother for the very first time!
I have been through teething, first steps, kisses, chicken pox, penicillin allergic reactions, spring viruses, nightmares, growing pains, giggles, and tickles.
4 years ago I had no idea who Dora was, how much formula cost, how important it was to always have snacks and desitin on hand, and how cute toddler Old Navy clothes were.
4 years ago my life didn't revolve around dress up clothes, The Doodle Pad, and pink glitter lipstick. I could wake up when I wanted, go to bed when I wanted, watch my favorite shows when I wanted, and listen to my own music in the car.Aubrey Jean has been the perfect part of my life. She has made me realize every action, reaction, and decision counts and makes a difference. I love how much she has taught me and have realized that I still know very little. The simple things make the most of her life but if you were to ask her what she loves the very most in the entire world she would probably answer Grandpa and Sleeping Beauty. So although I have not gone to school and I have not climbed the corporate ladder if asked what I have accomplished the last 4 years I can happily and proudly say AUBREY!!!


Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

I loved that post! I'm nearly in tears. Aubrey is so special. And you are such a great mom. It was cute to see her getting bigger in those pictures. I can't believe Jane is ever going to turn 4!

Eric & Ashley Wheeler's Family said...

You are an inspiration! Gosh, who would have thought all those years ago we'd be here hu? :o) You are really amazing...don't you ever forget it! That was the cutest post ever! :o)

Clair said...

Sweet! Love seeing her growing up through your pictures. You are a great mom with a great little daughter...and son and other daughter. :)

Kristen and Spencer said...

What a cute post! That was so fun to see Aubrey through the years:) She is such a cute little girl! Tell her happy birthday from us!

Tiffany said...

this was so cute and fun to read. Such a great idea to go back through the years with pictures and memories. That was a great summary of motherhood. Aubrey is adorable.

Cheryl said...

Sara Clark! You brought tears to my eyes!! What a wonderful mommy you have become; I am so proud of you and your accomplishment(s); Aubrey, Caleb, and Ainsley. How lucky those babies are to have you as a mommy!