Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Couch Rules:
No Shoes on couch
No Food on couch
No jumping on couch
No dirty hands/ or mouth on couch
ABSOLUTELY No rough house on couchAubrey, Caleb, and Ainsley were very excited to wake up and find 3 new couches in the front room. They were not every excited to hear MOM'S NEW rules. I let them know I was VERY serious about these rules and that there are NO exceptions to the rules. "I am serious" were the words I kept saying over and over again!
At first there was silence and I felt happy and optimistic that is would work. After 2 minutes of silence Aubrey walks in the room with a bowl of Gold Fish and tried to sit on the couch..."Mom, I promise to be very careful" and "I am 4, I do not make a mess." After a very stern look her way she added "Mom, I am serious."
Although the kids are not fond of my new rules they have not tried to test them (except for Aubrey's Gold Fish bowl time). So exciting! We have had them for 3 days and they are still clean. I have high hopes for my new couches!!! I just hope they make it through the move clean and tear free.


Steffaney said...

Those couches look wonderful! No towels!!! Haha, Caleb is such a cute and Aubrey looks just like you! Oh, I miss you guys and love LOVE love your blogs so much!

Kristen and Spencer said...

You're couches look fabulous! How fun! I love hearing what your kids have to say, they are so funny:) I can't wait to meet them someday!

Clair said...

Good luck. The couches look soft and comfy. You better add to your rules- no vomiting and no wetting accidents on the couch! Sorry, I'm a realist. Our couches are some sort of leather- probably fake. They are pretty kid-proof - except for one spot where Faith had a permanent red marker! But they are not cat proof- apparently the arms make good scratching posts! UGh!