Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ever since Caleb was in the hospital Doctors have been feared. I knew about Aubrey and Caleb's doctors appointment 3 weeks in advance. I talked to the receptionist yesterday morning to make sure that no shots were needed and that all the kids screening would be done so they could start school. She double checked and said NO SHOTS WERE NEEDED! :)We arrived at 8:30 sharp. By 9:30 it was discovered that Caleb needed 5 shots! 5 SHOTS! "Why Caleb? Cant it be Aubrey?" is all I kept saying to myself. We'll 30 minutes, 2 nurses, and a receptionist (all to hold him down)later life was sad. But NO we were not done! I had to take the kids up a floor to get their blood drawn. BLOOD DRAWN! Can you imagine?? I walk into the Lab (carrying a crying Caleb and tired Ainsley because my stroller was stuck in the broken car trunk) and the waiting room was full of adults. Our names were called right away and we headed to the back room. 3 nurses were waiting for us and I handed a scared, tired, and teething Ainsley over to a nurse while I used all of my body power to hold Caleb still long enough to draw blood. When Caleb was done it was Aubrey's turn. So sad. When we were done I grabbed Ainsley from the nurse and holding Caleb/Aubrey hand we headed down the hall back to the waiting room. EVERYONE STARED!! Aubrey,Caleb, and Ainsley were all red faced and had tears rolling down her cheeks. As I reached for the door to leave Aubrey/Caleb said they hurt to bad to walk so I scooped them both up in my already fall arms and carried 3 very sad kids to the elevator, down a bunch of stairs, and out to the car. By the time everyone was buckled up in the car it was 11:30. What a start to a crazy day and an even crazier weekend! Will the kids take a nap after such a long, awful morning? DOUBT IT!

Will the kids be cranky at the closing this afternoon? Probably!

Will Caleb get sick and have a fever this weekend? Probably!:(

Will we finally be in our own house? YES:)

I guess we have to take the bad with the good. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?


Clair said...

Oh no! What's up with the surprise shots!? Maybe next time you can borrow a wheelchair to get them all to the car. Give yourself a pat on the back though, you survived!

Heather said...

What a sad story! You are a trooper! Guess that mom instinct kicks in! How is your new home? That is so exciting! Hope you're doing well!