Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moving Day was a lot of work but now that we are finally all moved, unpacked, and organized we can pretty much say that we will NEVER NEVER NEVER move again (unless the Prophet personally commands us to move:) We are so grateful for Marlene her patience, kindness, and love has been never ending. The kids have adjusted well! Without tv life has been blissful! It is amazing what a lot of space can do to the imagination! Splitting all of the kids up in separate rooms has been wonderful. We finally have our own room. How sweet it is!
Caleb, as expected, has had the hardest time. He loves his room but does not like being in it by himself. I can not get him to take a nap and at 6:30 every morning I hear..."Mommy, the sun woke up....I'M AWAKE!" I put him in the room farthest from ours so in his quest to come and find me he wakes up everyone. HE IS SO LOUD!Ainsley has been wonderful. She loves her own room. It is such a great feeling to know that no one will bug her while she takes a nap. During the day she is very adventurous! If she wonders away from me I always know where I can find her (standing at the top of the stair waiting for me to come and help her get down).
We feel very grateful and blessed to be able to have our first home. We look forward to the upcoming months/years (hopefully they do not come and go as fast as the last couple of months/years have)!
Quick story: I decided to mow the lawn yesterday when Andy got home from work. I love to mow the lawn. I feel like it is my Serenity....I just listen to my IPOD and I am usually done in 30-40 minutes. As I started to Mow I realized that the grass was a lot longer and thicker than it first looked. 3 hour, 2 things of gas, and a heck of a lot of grass later I was finally done. My poor little lawn mower died at least 6 times and I had to fish the thick grass from out of the blade area. As I went to pull the lawn mower into the garage the neighbor from across the street came over chuckling. He said, "Well, it only took you 3 hours. It looks like you were a little confused in the front yard and wasted about 10 minutes! Don't worry I am sure you will be able to mow the lawn in an 1 and 3o minutes next time!" When I asked him when was the last time this lawn was mowed he said, "Oh, I think they mowed the lawn a couple of times in JUNE." is now August! RUDE!


Steffaney said...

Oh the kids are so cute! That grass is so green and thick! I'm sorry you had such a hard time!!! Caleb is so funny! And that's hilarious about Ainsley and the stairs, sounds like when Sydney used to sit on the tramp and talk to herself! I miss you guys so much!

Clair said...

Congrats on the new house. Seems to be just perfect for your family! You are really quick if you are already unpacked!

Don't you love those early risers?

After spliting Livvy and Faith up into their own rooms (Paul already had his) they all want to have a slumber party and sleep with someone else at night. Dave said he'd just put them all in one room and use the extra room for himself. Ha.

I thought your neighbor was going to say you could have borrowed their riding mower.