Friday, August 15, 2008

Question of the Week: Who is going to take care of Ainsley?

This week Aubrey and Caleb have been "taking turns" taking care of Ainsley. For example: When Aubrey is done playing barbies or peek-a-boo with Ainsley she will lift Ainsley up onto a little padded seat and go get Caleb to tell him it is his turn. Ainsley sits and waits patiently for Caleb to show up and then he lifts her down to play. Yesterday, while I was in the kitchen cleaning/cooking dinner I watched this go on for over an hour. Aubrey and Caleb would each take about 7 minutes and each time after their turn was over they would place her right back up onto the padded chair! Ainsley is such a trooper! What a good sister!

Ainsley loves the little cheap plastic wagon. Caleb was thrilled when he saw Ainsley sitting in his wagon yesterday. He was very careful to make sure she didn't bump her head on anything then he pushed her all around the house. He had a blast!
If at anytime Caleb saw Ainsley try to stand up he would stop pushing and get right up in her face to say "Ainsley, that is not safe...buckle up so you can be safe." As soon as she was seated correctly he would continue pushing!
Aubrey, Caleb, and Ainsley have so much fun together. I love watching them play. They are so funny but they take "play time" so seriously. My couches are still stain free, which makes me happy and the kids seem to enjoy life without the big tv!

Note: Aubrey is wearing her swim suit in the top picture. She puts in on right after "quiet time" in preparation to go swimming when dad gets home from work. For 4 hours all she takes about is going to the swimming pool to play with Sydney, Nathan (middle name about that?!), and Ava. Given the choice I think she would choose her swimming suit over her princess dresses. UNBELIEVABLE!

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Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That is so cute! What good kids! I love that Caleb made sure Ainsley was safe. So, you mentioned selling the entertainment center and that there's no big tv, but I can't imagine Andy got rid of his TV?! There must be some other explanation.