Monday, August 11, 2008

SUNDAYS START TO A NEW WEEK!Sunday was an exciting day for The Griner's. We went to our new ward, in our new building, at a new time! Sacrament went smoothly and the kids went strait to classes with out tears! Aubrey's new little class members name is Aubrey (how about that!?). After church Andy went and met a man who bought our ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. As he was helping the men move the BIG HEAVY structure a piece fell on Andy's foot. Ouch!

Monday was a day full of visitors. Two neighbors brought us tomatoes, the framing guys came, and the wood guys came. In anticipation for a busy day I wanted to mop the floors first thing in the morning. The kids quickly found an activity close by....Super Batman and Tinker Bell. The goal was to see who could "fly" the farthest. I thought it was pretty harmless since I was only one room away and I would still see them. I was almost done moping when I heard "Come on can do it!" I dropped the broom and ran. Ainsley had climbed her way to the top. Oh my goodness!
This evening while Andy took Aubrey and Caleb to the pool I stayed home with Ainsley. She loved the little wagon. Every time she would climb in it I would take her out finally I just gave up and let her stay in. She is lots of fun and is always climbing (ALWAYS CLIMBING)!


Clair said...

that's nice that some neighbors came to meet you and i'm glad you liked church. poor andy! love the flying activity.

Steffaney said...

oooo eeee!!! Andy, that look likes something that would happen to mom. A girl I work with saw the pic of you two at the top and said that she couldn't believe how much I looked like my brother! Hah! And she wouldn't believe that you and me were sisters! I guess now that my hair is really blonde, I look much more like Andy. Could you imagine the pictures mom would have of us if she had jumping off the roof and Rob and Scott's. Hah!

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That is so funny about them cheering on Ainsley! I love your blog and reading all about your adventures with your children. And yeah, that looks SO PAINFUL!

Gretch! said...

I just had to check it out!!!

I am soo psyched... to have you in the "hood"!!!