Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recently Aubrey has been making up to 5 wardrobe changes during the day. I have talked to her about the importance of only getting one thing dirty during the day and her replay is "MOM! I do not get my clothes dirty. I am careful!" Yesterday I guess she found an alternate to multiple clothing changes...just put them all on at once. What a weird little girl.
The kids really have put up with a lot this week. We have been running a lot of errands and doing a lot of "not fun" kid things so we finally let them pick out a surprise. The minute we let her out of the car she hurried to the table and started coloring.

I added this picture because we have been spending a lot of time at the pool. Caleb has to swim all by him self but will not use his arms. Weird! It takes him forever to get from one side of the pool to the other put he loves it! I love it because it wears him out! Win Win!


Gretch! said...

He does better than Nathan! He won't even let go of us. IF you put a life jacket on him, he freaks out!

Clair said...

Faith was on a kick of changing clothes all day too. Her hamper would be full after a couple of days! It has gotten better though. That's nice that you've been enjoying the pool- it's pretty close to home, huh?

Steffaney said...

Hah, she sounds like her aunt, except I was still 12 when I was dressing up all day. Caleb is so funny! I love the pic of Aubrey crossing her legs like a little lady! So cute!