Friday, August 22, 2008

AINSLEYThe things I love about Ainsley....
I love that she is always wonderful, patient, and up for anything.
I love that she is teething and her behavior is still happy and content.
I love how when she is hungry she will sit up to Aubrey's table and wait for food!
I love how she always lays her head on my lap!
I love how she never gets tired of clapping, waving, and giving high fives!
I love how easily she can go from sad to happy just by hearing a silly song.
I love all of Ainsley she makes my bad days bright and my "Caleb" days bearable! I feel like I do not take enough pictures of her or talk about her enough. She is wonderful and I am so glad she is mine!

I had to add this picture of Aubrey because she is "out wearing" all of her princess clothes. She will only take them off to go swimming or for a short trip to the store. I think that they should be more durable like a football jersey or towel. Today I hid all of her princess clothes in hopes of her wearing a cute summer outfit. Nope, she came downstairs in one of her fluffy church dresses. NO WAY!!! I revealed my dress up clothes hiding place in less that 5 seconds and she happily changed. I think she tricked me:)

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Steffaney said...

So cute!!! She sleeps just like me haha!