Saturday, August 23, 2008

Caleb is 3.Three years ago at age 20 I could have never foreseen my next couple of years. The trials, laughter, and endless cleaning all because of a little 5 week early 6 pound 2 ounce little boy!
Caleb started out a little baby and a week later gained a pound and then kept gaining, gaining, and gaining. He was such a cute little colicky chub. He was completely different from Aubrey and challenged me more than ever before. He also made me laugh. He was tough and very ticklish!
With Caleb I had the opportunity to see all of his first...crawls, claps, steps, and words. I seemed to never be able to rest, sleep, relax, or think without him finding me or being with me.
With Caleb life has always been full of "What's that?", "Ball", and "MOMMY!"
When Caleb started to get a little older he became Aubrey's best friend. If Aubrey was the princess he had to be the Prince, if Aubrey wanted to watch Dora so did Caleb, and if Aubrey was too full to finish her sandwich Caleb would finish it!
When Ainsley was born Caleb changed. He became gentle, kind, and more willing to be independent. But with independence came messes, messes, and more messes!

In March Caleb scared me. The little boy that had never left my side, the little boy that always wanted me and needed me was very sick. In the blink of an eye life became fragile and I wanted nothing but for him to cry, hang onto me, and yell for me. I am so blessed to have Caleb in my life and I am so thankful for everything that he has taught me. Without Caleb who would make me strong and tough?
Caleb is a funky addition to the Griner Clan. Always interesting, loud, and never clean is the way I like it!! Happy Birthday Caleb!

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Gretch! said...

Beautifly put! That is exactly how I feel about my boys! They will make me tough!!!

Sorry we didn't make it over! I'm glad to see that you all had a great time!!

Why was Caleb in the hospital??