Friday, August 29, 2008

When it rains.... it pours...
(Andy let the kids play out on the deck in the rain last night)Yesterday when I woke up I had a feeling it was going be a challenging day. No reason, just a feeling. Within the first 2 hours of the day Caleb spread all of my pots and pans throughout the entire house, dumped all of the clean newly folded clothes out of the basket and onto the floor, and was caught running with scissors(he pushed his little table over to the counter and put his little chair on top of the table, stood on the chair and grabbed the scissors). When I went to put the scissors back I notice a brand new bottle of infant Tylenol (never used but open with the intent to give some to Ainsley because she had the flu)empty.
I ran to Caleb..."Where is the medicine?"
"In my tummy...I didn't feel good. I feel better. Don't be mad Mommy."
Almost in tears and getting very sick to my stomach I said, "All of it?"
"Yes, I am all better now!"
I tried to call Andy but he was busy... I called the Doctor and they had me call poison control(this would be the 3rd time this 2008 year I have had to call them....all because of Caleb 1st he ate the black colored berries from Uncle Nate's bush and spent the afternoon throwing up, than he ate Grandma's plant, and now...). The nurse kindly said that with his weight he was okay but he would probably have some side effects...
1. sleepy
2. vomit
3. cranky.
She said it just depends on your child's temperament. Well, it was quite obvious which side effects Caleb was going to have....and it wasn't the sleepy one. All in all...Caleb is doing fine, CRANKY, but fine. He said his tummy still hurts today but I think it is from him eating too much.

Caleb eating too much is putting it lightly....he had 3 pieces of toast with pb&j, 2 bowls of fruit loops, and then I caught him steeling Ainsley lunch. By the way... I mentioned that Ainsley had the flu yesterday and the weird thing is I would never have known because she is always so good. I tried to put her down for her nap and she wouldn't lay down so I picked her back up and she threw up. She is feeling much better today. Fever down and sleeping normally!

The past couple of days I have got to spend a lot more time alone with Ainsley. I love it. She is very easy going and always happy. She always wants her blanket and I often find her dragging it as she crawls. She has me on pins and needles in anticipation for "MAMA!" I practice everyday with her. Please don't say "DADA!"

**notice that our grass is green and the "grassless spots" are almost gone!! Point One for the Griner's! On the VERY LONG road to making our house and home!


Steffaney said...

It is going to be so funny in about 10 years and show Caleb all these pictures and embarrass him to death! I love my nieces and nephew and I miss you guys so much!

Clair said...

Perhaps you should train your kids to not only call 911 but poison control too! Caleb will eat anything won't he? That is so good that Ainsley is mild mannered (so far :)) as Caleb has you very busy. Love you all!

Eric and Ashley Wheeler's Family said...

I am so glad other mother's have days like that. :o) Baden isn't big enough to open anything other than the bottom drawers yet, but I have a feeling... Although he is already liking to eat our banana plant...Lexi keeps telling me he's eating his "green food" :o) Crazy kids, it is no wonder we feel so crazy most days. You are just amazing! I love you to death! Ash