Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb!

We started out Caleb's Birthday Celebration by going to T-REX out at the Speed Way. So fun and perfect for a 3 year old! T-Rex is like Rainforest Cafe but all Dinosaurs and Prehistoric stuff.
We had to give Ainsley her first lemon. She loved them!
They sang happy birthday to Caleb and he received Ice Cream!
Surprisingly, Caleb wasn't scared at all and seemed to be completely intrigued by all of the dinosaurs!After lunch the Batman Party began! Aunt Judy, Paul, Marlene, and our neighbors Bud/MaryLou came over for the celebrations. The kids seems to like the the eyes on the bat and smash the bad guys (Caleb and Aubrey had a lot of fun bouncing on the balloons until they popped and candy fell out)!
Toys , Toys , and Toys! Aubrey was kind enough to speed up the "Opening Presents" process by helping Caleb.Caleb loved his bat machine, bowling pins, books, cars, sword, dvd, and truck. Thank you Paul, Marlene, Mom, Dad, Aunt Judy, and Grandpa Grayson. Caleb also loved his BYU t-shirt from Spencer and Kristen. I have to say that Caleb is a chub for his age but not that chubby!!:) Thanks you guys. Marlene made a Batman Cake! Chocolate and very yummy! Aubrey helped Caleb blow out the candles. 3! I cant believe Caleb is 3. What a fun day to celebrate a fun boy!


Steffaney said...

Sharptooth! I'm so glad Caleb was so brave! Dinosaurs horrified me as a kid.

Cheryl said...

It goes by so fast, doesn't it? Treasure all of those little moments because one day you'll ask yourself, where did all the time go? You are such a good mom - I am so proud of you Sara!

Mitch and Jenny said...

Hey Sara! Oh my goodness, I can't believe you have a 3-year-old! And Aubrey is even older than that! :)
I should really send an invitation to your parents too, do you have their address?