Sunday, August 31, 2008

When it all catches up to you...
Last Sunday started a long week off sleepless nights and napless days. I thought the reason Aubrey didn't sleep last Sunday night was because she was so excited for school Monday morning: new teacher, new school, new dress, new shoes, and new head band. But Monday night she was up all night, Tuesday Night, Wednesday Night, Thursday Night...etc. The reason ranged from nightmares to knee pains. Sleeping in Aubrey's bed with her is awful. At night when I would go in her room to comfort her I would lay next to her only to find there was a PARTY in Aubrey's bed...every barbie, doll, necklace, lego, and book she has are all in her bed.
Well, today after church (2pm) I put her in bed for a nap (crossing my fingers). It is now 6:30 and she is still asleep. I usually would have woken her up at 3:30 or so but I decided not to. How long will she sleep? Will this be the end of Aubrey's napless days/sleepless nights? That would be wonderful! I would love some sleep:) I am ready for bed right now but Caleb is still awake and Clark FHE is at 9 on the skype.

*Something funny...I went to get Caleb dressed for church today and I noticed his pants were a little baggy! I was very excited! When I went to put on his shoes, well, that was a challenge. I just could not squeeze them on. After 10 minutes of Andy trying we successfully squeezed them on. Poor Caleb.
*Oh and yes those are socks on Aubrey's hands. She did have Cinderella Gloves at one time but Caleb got a hold of them. Enough said.

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Clair said...

When I first saw the picture I thought, "It is hard work being a princess!" Hope you all get some more sleep.