Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Labor Day for the Griner's was a big deal! The weather was in the low 90's, Grandpa and Grandma Griner were coming over, watermelon was a must, and the kids were going to have corn on the cob for the first time!

We spent most of the morning watching the news. The kids watched the news with great concern and understanding of the situation. When they saw the hurricane coming closer to land they would say things like "Grandpa Clark is not at the beach today is he?"or "Is Grandpa Clark's car under water?" When they saw the tornado warnings they would say "Is Grandpa Clark hiding in the closet?" Is was nice to see them understand life. Labor Day marked ONE MONTH of owning our first home and the first time I let the kids take a bath in our new house. We have been on a "only shower" rule. I hate letting the kids take a bath. Mean, I know but water gets everywhere, someone always gets water in their eyes, and they always argue over the prefered water temprature. Yesterday morning after their shower they were being so good and asked to take a bath (Caleb had gotten dirty again and needed a bath anyway...he got into the breakfast cinnimon rolls I had made and not only ate the rest but had half of them all in his hair, underwear, and just everywhere! )so I gave in. It went really well. No arguing just laughter and happiness! The kids excitement grew and grew when Grandpa and Grandma arrived. Corn on the cob! I wasn't sure if they would even like it but boy was I wrong. Aubrey (who is as picky as Andy) ate 2! Caleb ate 2 as well (no surprise there) and in the process made a BIG mess! Ainsley spent the day eating watermelon and waving. We love her!
What a fun Labor Day. The kids ended the night going with dad to the park. I started taking down the crown molding and baseboards in the family room. 2 hours, many cuts, bruses, and blood loss later the room is officially torn apart. Pretty sure that room is going to be the death of me. The dry wall guy was supose to come today but cant come until tomorrow. Is that room ever going to be normal? Luckily our front yard is looking better and the wood floors we just put in are wonderful. Little by little we are crawling along!


Clair said...

yes, one cannot have Griner blood and not like corn on the cob. caleb is cracking me up. i hate baths too for the same reasons. sometimes i beg them to take a "quick shower" instead. everyone takes a bath solo now so at least we don't have the fighting...it just takes all night long!

Steffaney said...

Hah! I love it "Grandpa clark won't be at the beach today!" They're so smart! Ainsley is starting to look so much like Aubrey! Caleb has the same appetite as Sydney! You're such a good mom! Just like our mom when she's literally scrub her fingers raw putting down carpet and painting. Love you!

Tiffany said...

your labor day looks like fun! I can't believe your kids will all take showers for you everyday. Parker HATES the shower under all circumstances, so we have to do a bath everyday, and yes it is a task that always ends in a mess and takes half the morning! your kids are so cute