Friday, September 5, 2008

IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THEN THIS! I can not remember the last time I heard absolute silence. This morning the kids started to get cranky, the dry wall guy was in the mist of all the puddy, and up stairs just wasn't cutting it. Then it hit me (literally a light bulb appeared in my mind like on a cartoon) water painting. Pure excitement and sudden awe came over Aubrey and Caleb. Never had they seen anything so wonderful in their entire lives.

Both Aubrey and Caleb were silent and painting in pure amazement! I thought since they were being good that I could leave them for 2 minutes and give Ainsley a quick wash down. Why did I think that would be okay? Even now that I think about it...HOW STUPID!

In just 2 minutes Caleb put the paint from his paper to his face, fingernails, and hair. Thank goodness it washes right out! Getting it off Caleb's face was a challenge though. Tears and cries of sorriness were involved.
Aubrey is in love. She has spent the last hour and a half painting. When I asked what she was painting she said "Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, Faith, and Grandma!"
Although Caleb loved the paint I was easily able to entertain him with clean/quiet fun!

**Good News of the Day:
Aubrey got into Pre-K,
Seth is engaged,
It stopped raining
And I am almost 100% sure Ainsley said Mama. Even ask Aubrey...she heard it too!


Laura said...

It looks like the kids had lots of fun painting!! And congrats to Seth. Is Aubrey 4 now?

Laura said...
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Mitch and Jenny said...

Your kids crack me up! They are so stinkin' cute!!! :)