Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yesterday I went to the Pre-K school and met with Aubrey's Principal, Teacher, Nurse, and the student teacher. I went into her classroom and if ever I have had deja vu it would have been that moment. Sitting there listening to them talk about "Centers", "Criss Cross Apple Sauce", School Pictures, Recess, and the "Scholastic Book Club" made me a little teary eyed! I looked around the room and saw the class hamster, circle time, and rows of little desks. A chalk board with the ABC's, a painting center, and little name tags on everything! The teacher went over the "Core" curriculum, how much school lunches were, and showed me the new "Progress Report Cards!" I wanted to look around for my mom! I keeped thinking how can I possible be old enough to have a daughter starting school. I do not think I am ready. Have I taught her everything she needs to know? Have I told her how I love her and how proud of I am of who she has become at such a little age? This is crazy!!!Well, this morning finally came. Aubrey was so excited. It took me 30 minutes of begging but I finally conviced her not to wear a fluffy dress or skirt with dress shoes. Of couse she had to have her nails painted, hair curled, and lip gloss on. She wanted to wear a clip, bow, and head band but I was able to talk her into just one. She said "Oh Mom, I had such good dreams about school!"

Her new backpack was a big hit!

Since Aubrey was ready for school an hour too early she waiting excitedly on the couch asking/saying every 3 minutes "MOM, WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE. Are we going to be late? I do not want to be late MOM!" (I would just like to add that this morning was the first time EVER that Caleb didn't wake up at 6:30....I actually had to wake him up-not good, he is just like Spencer, very CRANKY) It was finally time to go and get in the car!!! I find it funny that when I wasn't looking she added a necklace and bracelet to her outfit. It took another 5 minutes just to convince her that princess necklace is for home and shopping. Not for school!
Then the 15 minute car ride. Of course Aubrey's school is all the way across town. By the time we got there I was very nervous. We pulled up to the front entrance where all of the teachers were standing and waiting. A teacher opened our car door took Aubrey out and Miss Susan came over, gave me a kind smile, and took Aubrey's hand (of course the batteries in the camera ran out just then). Hand in Hand they walk to join the rest of the class.

As I drove away I thought "This is weird". I only have 2 kids for the morning...what will I do with my self. Well, Caleb cried all the way home "Aubrey wants me to go to school with her mom! Please mom! I want to go to school too! I am very big! I want Aubrey!" He cried for about 5 more minutes in the house and then all was forgotten. When 11:00 rolled around and I was waiting in the car line to pick up Aubrey I was so excited. Miss Susan put Aubrey in the car, said she did wonderful for her first day, and closed the car door.
I couldn't wait to ask Aubrey "What did you do today?"
"Nothing!" was her reply.
I took Aubrey's back pack and looked inside (the teacher gives a note/list of all the activities she participated in and her behavior).
I said "Aubrey did you paint?"
"Did you play outside?"
"Did you learn Math/Science? Did you meet any new friends? Did sing any songs?"
"NO. NO. NO."
"Aubrey, Yes you did!"
And with that all I got was a big cheezy smile!


Mitch and Jenny said...

Yay for Aubrey's first day! I can't believe you're old enough to have a kid starting school either! But even more, I still can't believe you have 3 kids!! You make me feel like such a slacker! haha! :)

Clair said...

I thought that "nothing" was only taught in high school. Ha. Aubrey looks cute. Glad she had a good first day.

Steffaney said...

That is way too cute! I can't believe how fast she's growing up! She looks just like you sis, she's gorgeous! I'm so excited for you, that you get to be the mom now, oh! What great memories!

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

Aubrey is so beautiful. I don't know why but almost all of your posts make me get choked up. There's just something about how much you love your children. It's awesome.

Brittany Hepworth said...

I love how kids have a mind of their own! It keeps life going in such a wonderful pattern! I'm glad that everything went well for ALL of you!