Monday, September 8, 2008

I forgot

Since I forgot to take Aubrey's picture on her first day of class I thought I would take a picture of her 2nd day! Every Monday since January Aubrey has gone to a special class at the local elementary. She loves it! Since we have moved she kind of had to start all over again: new teacher, new school, and new classmates! It is only 30 minutes every Monday so while Aubrey is in class I take Caleb and Ainsley to the Library. Caleb loves it and has recently learned how to whisper (finally!)! Ainlsey just sits in a little chair and looks around listening patiently.
Caleb is a little short and wide for his age and Aubrey is really skinny and tall! What will Ainsley be?? Next week Aubrey will start pre-k and we were excited to find out she gets to go every day from 8-11! What will Caleb do with out Aubrey? Ignore the background...we still have to paint the banister, the walls, and put the trim back down on the wood floors. Such is life.

Our family room is almost done.... 8 more hours!
It is raining outside but I found Pinnochio so that makes the kids much more agreeable since we are still stuck up stair today! But today is the last day!!

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