Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stuck Upstairs for the day
So, I have great news! Our family room is under construction. It is very exciting! The down side is that I have to keep the kids upstairs all day. Since the family room wont be done until Monday that makes for a lot of days stuck upstairs with the kids. The first couple of hours yesterday were not so bad. I let the kids take a bath, we played dress up, studied ABC and number flash cards, sang songs, cleaned Aubreys' room, and I let the kids help me sort through 12-18 month baby girl clothes. When I looked at the clock and only 2 hours had past I knew I was in trouble. By the time Andy got home from work I was so tired! He let me take a nap and I slept until the kids went to bed. It was wonderful. Sleep! Oh, how I have missed it!

Not wanting today to end up like yesterday I have come up with an hour by hour list of things we can/will do. I wish it wasn't raining and freezing cold outside. Burrr!
This morning for breakfast I decided to forgo the usual and give them a treat for breakfast. Donuts! Andy had also bought a bunch of banana's but I thought the kids would like the donuts more. When they sat down and saw the donuts they were very excited! When I told them they could have a banana too they opted for the banana over donute! What?!!! They both grabbed a banana and handed what was left of their donuts to Ainsley!


Laura said...

Yes, it was Laura Keeley that you found!! I am happy that you left a comment on my blog. You kids are super cute!

Can I add a link to your blog on mine?


Laura said...

Oops, I meant to write "your kids," not "you kids." =)

Gretch! said...

I would have easily gone for the donuts!! I can't remember the last time I ate one!
You should have called, we could have taken our kids to the open gym!!
My boys were stir crazy today! Thank goodness one has preK tomorrow!
And my sanity will be saved by the weekend!!

Steffaney said...

Aubrey is getting so pretty!!! She's going to be as pretty as you were sis, with all the guys chasing after her! Where'd you get the red whig lol?!

The Griner Family: said...

I have the cutest picture of Livvy wearing that red wig. It was in Andy's tub. He wears it on game day! Gotta Support The Team!