Thursday, August 7, 2008

FOUNDATION DAYYesterday while I was working on my blog Caleb was sitting on the floor next to me eating popcorn (It was suppose to be nap time but he will not take a nap). All of a sudden he was really quiet and I looked over at him and he was asleep. Moments like these are wonderful. I gently placed him on the couch and grabbed the camera.
With moments like those I also get moments like these. Caleb had gum in his hair this morning. When I went to get it out (trying to do the least amount of damage to his hair as possible)he screamed and moved. Now he has a bald spot. So sad:(
Over night Ainsley has learned to quickly go up the stairs and cautiously/quickly climb down the stairs. Aubrey/ Caleb did not master going down the stairs until they were at least 14 months old. Very exciting!
This morning Pat "The Foundation Guy" showed up with his crew. I guess you could say I was not prepared for the mess that would be made in my front yard. Caleb was thrilled!!! It might possible me the Best Day of Caleb's entire little boy life. Dirt tractors, shovels, and big equipment filled the front yard.
Without getting permission from the mom (ME) the workers invited Caleb to help. I saw this as a major disaster! Jokingly one worker tossed dirt on Caleb. That gave Caleb the notion that it was okay to throw dirt. And so the mess began....... "What are you doing Caleb?" I asked.
"Making a snow angel!"

Ainsley wanted in on the fun.
Aubrey wanted to play in the "Florida beach" too but did not want to get dirty.
"Look at me Mommy. I put dirt down my shirt!"
"Why?" I asked with a very big frown.
"Oh, Mommy it is so much fun! I love the dirt so very much!"

During all of Caleb's dirt pictures Aubrey ran upstairs and put on her swimsuit. The perfect solution to keeping her clothes clean.

Well 8 Men, a new/moved sup-pump(?), apoxy, grading, and 5 hours later they are still working hard. The kids (excluding Caleb) are taking a nap and I am trying to get all of the dirt out of my entry way. Oh the fun we will have today!


Steffaney said...

Oh my gosh! They are so cute! I love Aubrey's dress! She's so beautiful! If that isn't just like a baby picture of Sydney I don't know what is!!! KK is so cute, I know he must be a terror at times, but what a cute kid!

Mitch and Jenny said...

Thanks! Oh my goodness, you have the cutest children I have ever seen! I wish I could just hop on a plane and come out there to meet them and see you! :)