Sunday, July 13, 2008

After another long/weird week has drawn to a close, my comments are simple....
This week has been crazy.
We have continued with Caleb's potty training but this week we switched from having him sit down to standing up and it has been a major success!!!! No accidents for 5 days!!!!! Yahoo!!!

Aubrey has mastered the art of "Tattle Telling", it seems that her speech drastically improves when Caleb or Ainsley are doing something they shouldn't. She is a great big sister and loves to sing. During sacrament I was so happy that she was singing but when I listened to her more closely she had the right tune but instead of singing the words "Called to Serve him..." she was singing "I know you I walked with you once upon a dream....". What a silly girl!

Ainsley is perfect. Now that her 6 tooth has come in she is wonderful!!! The doctor said she is almost in the 25 percentile so we have been feeding her a lot more and she has been loving it!!! She loves eating regular food instead of baby food!!


Clair said...

Sounds like everyone is doing good. That's funny about Aubry singing in sacrament. For awhile Faith was on a kick where she was singing Annie's "Tomorrow" during whatever hymns others were singing. It was okay as long as the congregation was fairly loud. Is Ainsley a big thumb sucker? It looks as if Seth is going to be! And yes, quiet sleeping moments are to be treasured! Love ya. Plan to work on Ainsley's pic this week.

Steffaney said...

Oh, so adorable!!! I miss them all so much! Tell them I love them!

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That is so freaking cute about Aubrey singing that song! It does kind of fit the tune to called to serve!