Friday, October 10, 2008

A Different Week

This week was a different week because there was no school Monday and Friday. No School! Why do they do that?On Monday since there was no school the neighbor kids came over to play for a couple of hours. They did play-doh, colored, raced bikes in the basement, and played "superman" in Caleb's room. Ainlsey loved all the attention she received from Reagan (almost 9) and Nathan (3). Caleb and Ashton (4) raced bikes and road "dandy", and Aubrey had a tea party with Sydney (6). But nothing can take the place of School so when dad came home they had "pretend school". Pretend school included: ABC/Animal flashcards, a song, and a snack. Sitting still and raising your hand was a must. It was a lot of fun! My beautiful Ainsley.... I do not understand why she hates riding in the car and taking a bath. It is so strange. She loves to take a shower but sometimes it is so much easier to just put her in the bath. Lately she gets more dirty than Caleb...dirt, food, and mystery yuck often cover her face, feet, and hands.
This week I decided that doing 3 loads of laundry a day and going through an entire bottle of stain remover a week is just not working out for me. My solution is to make them eat without their shirts on (Caleb/Ainsley...Aubrey is a very clean girl so she is aloud to keep her shirt on). Cruel, maybe but Caleb has been a lot more careful while eating and Ainsley doesn't seem to mind!
Caleb and Ainsley! My two little buddies during the day. We have had a fun week running errands, playing, and going on lots of walks. Caleb is such a good brother but sometimes Ainsley just wants to be alone with her blanket and "Melanie".
Today there was no school again. It was a beautiful day so we headed to the park with the neighbors. Ainlsey was in her element. She loved the park and went down the slide 3 times all by herself. I was shocked! She walked around holding my hand and loved to go high on the swings! We have had a fun week! We love the fall leaves, weather, yummy smells!

Good News for the week:
2. Ainley can take 4 steps without holding onto anything.
3. Ainsley says a new word (I am pretty sure): YUM!
4. Ainsley points at everything. It is really fun to watch!
5. My parents are coming in 7 days!!! Yahoo!!!


Steffaney said...

They're so adorable! You're such an amazing mom! What a good idea to make them eat without their shirts! Caleb and Ainsley are so adorable, she's looking more and more like Aubrey every day, and Aurey's bangs are so cute! Give them all a kiss for me

Laura said...

I love the pretend school picture on the deck. Your kids are all so cute. It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun. We woke up to snow today...yikes...

Tell your parents HI from me!!

The Batemans said...

How fun to hear from you! What a cute family you have! Looks like you are a busy mommy! Hope you are doing great thanks for commenting on my blog its fun to keep in touch this way.