Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This was a lot of fun for me. I was tagged by my sister in-law Kristen to look in my 4th folder and pick the 4th picture. Since our computer hard drive crashed and was replaced I thought we had lost all older pictures. I found them though! Most of them are locked (?) but some how I was able to transfer the 4th picture in the 4th folder. This picture was taken March 2006. Aubrey was about 18 months and Caleb was about 6 months old. It is funny/great to look at this picture and remember that day and where I was at that time in my life. Andy was finishing his Bachelors at CMSU (now CMU) and I was working at the Icing in Independence Center. I cherish those moments but never in a million years would I want to go back and re-do it. It was hard and I am lucky I survived:) It is nice to have finished the "college" days and be able to focus on the future. Although when Aubrey/Caleb were younger life was less "crazy" and a lot simpler before Caleb learned how to talk but I would much rather have a crazy messy Caleb over a Colic one any day!
Hopefully in 2 years I will look back on today and laugh too. Thinking to myself, why was my house only half painted, why was Caleb always running around naked, and why was I always so hard on myself. In 2 years I would like to know how to cook and be a better mom. I would also like to have the drive way fixed...(ya right:)

I think I am suppose to tag 4 people....Ella, Clair, Cheryl, and Gretchen. I would love to see Laura, Jenny, Heather, and Tiff's picture too though!


Steffaney said...

You already are an amazing mom! And a Killer cook! When we come visit for a bit, you have to promise to make the almond chicken. I know things will be crazy, but I'll help, I promise. Oh, and those double stuffed potatos! and Candy bar Pie! Anyway, Ainsley looks so much like Aubrey used to. Wow, I so remember those days of you working your little fan-danny off! You deserve a big house and a great life sis! I love you!

Mitch and Jenny said...

Me Jenny??? :)

Clair said...

This may sound like a fib, BUT I just looked in our fourth folder of pictures and there was only 3 pictures in it. (Thank goodness because they were all self-portraits and I would have had to decline anyway.) I love yours though!!