Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween at the Farm!

Today was a beautiful day. The perfect day to go to Diana Rose Farmstead for the pumpkin fest. I looked it up on-line and it looked like the kids were suppose to wear their costumes. I was wrong but it was fun, almost perfect because I could locate Caleb easily!Caleb was a scary monster/dinosaur.
Aubrey was Snow White.Ainsley was a butterfly. She loved the goats! Caleb loved the play ground. My kids always love the play ground. We almost decided to forgo the pumpkin fest (it was $7.00 per adult/child) thinking the kids were having fun with the free stuff. After much thought Andy/Marlene decide to take Ainsley home because she was getting tired and I went with Aubrey/Caleb on the pumpkin extravaganza. We were lucky enough to have the Rudd family join us!

Aubrey was too scared to go down the slide. She held up the line for over 5 minutes.

Caleb went down the slide and then quickly moved onto other activities. The obstacle course was very exciting for a little boy full of energy but as much as Caleb tried he could not go over the obstacle. He tried and tried but ended up stuck at the top every time.Caleb was thrilled when I let him play the hammer game. Next week if I call my mom in tears saying Caleb took a hammer to my wall I will defiantly regret letting him play this game.
A hay ride, maze, ski ball, soccer, mini basketball, and hay tunnels made for a fun afternoon!
This kids didn't understand "PICKING OUT A PUMPKIN". They really didn't care. They just wanted a "Cinderella" pumpkin.
What a long fun day. 4 hours, 21 dollars, and 3 pumpkins later it was time to go home.
We are glad that Marlene and the Rudd family could have fun with us at the Farm!

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Steffaney said...

Wow, Caleb's costume is seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen, it looks like something Clifford would wear to the engagement party with Uncle Martin. "I love you uncle martin"--"And I you, clinton---clifford!" He just looks so funny! And Ainsley looks so darn cute! What in the world are you going to do with 3 pumpkins? Mom would've thrown them all away while we were at school...or sleeping. --Stephan thought that was a very cruel action, uncle Martin.

Gretch! said...

WE had a great time with you!!

Thanks for encouraging us to go!

I thought they looked really cute in their costumes! I think it was optional! They needed another venue to wear them!!