Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference Saturday
October 4th 2008
Every year since I have been married we have always gone to Andy parents house for General Conference. Since we do not get it on our tv this year we looked forward to watching it down in Winsdor. I was defiantly not going to go to the church and sit through 2 2 hour sessions on a Saturday with 3 kids (All those wonderful moms that did way to go!!).
So, down to Windsor we went...My kids are all so different when it comes to travelling in a car...Caleb is hyper, always wants the window down, and is really loud. Aubrey is quiet, always has to have her special "school music" playing, and she often falls asleep. Ainsley hates the car. She cries, wiggles, and CRIES LOUD. No food, book, or toy seems to comfort her.
After the first session of general conference was over Paul and Andy took Caleb to Paul's Dental office for the all too important check up. Were Caleb's 2 front teeth staying or would they be pulled out???
Paul is such a kind, gentle, and awesome dentist. I am not sure if any other dentist would have gotten Caleb to sit still. He answered all of Caleb's 1000 questions and he did an x-ray.
After all was said and done......THE TEETH GET TO STAY!!!
(I did not like the joke that Paul/Caleb/Andy played on me...not nice)
When Caleb got back we headed out to the paddle boat. Surprisingly, we have never taken the kids out on it. Weird! After the paddle boat the neighbors invited Aubrey/Caleb/Ainsley over for a Hannah Montana birthday party which included:cake, gum, and a big air jumping thing. How fun!!!
Marlene made No Bake cookies (aka poop cookies) and let Caleb lick the pan. We had a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful/perfect! Of course in the evening when we left and drove home Aubrey/Caleb slept while Ainsley cried. Weird!
Great news for Saturday:
1. Ainlsey took her first 2 steps with out holding onto anything
2. Marlene cut Aubrey some "Sleeping Beauty" bangs. She looks so different and so cute!
3. Gas was $2.95 per gallon in Lee's Summit. Awesome!
4. We are getting a TEMPLE! Heck ya!!! What could be better than that!?!!

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"The Adams Family" dadadada said...

I totally get that!!! I dont even go to church by my self w/ 2 kids!!! Looks like you had fun though!

Tiffany said...

aahh glad to see you still call them poop cookies!

Gretch! said...

YES!! Please let everyone know I have my house for sale!!

I wonder where the Temple will be?? Hopefully out our way!

The Griner Family: said...

It would be awesome if the temple was out by K7 but my bet is on Lee's Summit. I guess we will see. The closer the better!