Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something funny.

Aubrey's life is full of tea parties, dress up, church, school, and the neighbor kids! Everyday when I pick her up from school her teacher always brings her to my car and buckles her in. A couple of weeks ago Ms. Susan said they talked about "What's your favorite food?" All the kids had the usual, ice cream, french fries.
When it was Aubrey's turn she said "NEMO!"
Ms. Susan said "You mean Fish Sticks?"
Aubrey said "No, Nemo. He is so very yummy."
Well, kids were instantly sad and Ms. Susan quickly tried to move on.
I thoutht that was funny. Aubrey is so picky but she loves Salmon "NEMO" and brown rice.The helmets. I finally bought Caleb a helmet. He loves it and wears it all day long even when he is not riding his bike. What a wonderful idea. Now all he needs is a mouth guard and I can stop worring about his every move. He falls, crashes, and bumps into everything and anything all day long. I would like to say thank you to "Word World" on PBS. I do not know how I found such a wonderful cartoon but my kids sat down for a full 24 minutes without helling "MOM", getting hurt, and/or smashing food into the carpet. TWO THUMBS WAY UP! I was able to make lunch, cool down lunch, clean up lunch, and sweep without interuption. Wonderful!

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Steffaney said...

That is so funny that Caleb likes to wear his helmet all the thing for the poor kid. I have a new word for you to teach him:'s actually a yiddish word. Hmmm...surprised you didn't know that, richard. Hey, but your couches look great! So comfortable, and I don't see any towels nearby so you're in good shape.

Clair said...

I am cracking up that Caleb's bulky costume didn't slow him down one bit at the farm.