Saturday, October 25, 2008

HSM3, Fevers, and The CookoutYesterday in the late afternoon Caleb's high fever came back. He was up most of the night and extra early this morning. He is still warm but his temp. is finally below 101.
While Caleb, Ainlsey, and Andy took an afternoon nap Aubrey and I headed out the door for some girl time! HSM3. Aubrey was very excited to see the new Sharpay (spelling?) movie and was even more excited to see it with Reagan and Sydney. 2 bathroom breaks, popcorn, and a slushy later Aubrey completed her very first Movie Theater Movie!! She loved the soft chairs, all the music, and Sharpay! It was a bonus that it only cost $4.00 a person compared to the $9.00.
Andy asked Aubrey questions about the movie... Ainsley finally walked walked. Really. I knew she had been walking for a couple of days. Caleb told me. Every time I would peek in the room though she would sit down! What a stinker! Well today she finally did. Out of no-where she stood up in the middle of the room, clapped for herself, and walked to the couch!!! Awesome!! This was repeated several times.Group pictures have become impossible. I had the kids all dressed warm for the neighborhood cookout and I wanted to get a picture. I took about 10 pictures and this was the best. Caleb's fever is finally gone. Yah! Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon. Only the next couple of days will tell.
We had a lot of fun at the Cook Out. Caleb loved the fire pit (of course) and Aubrey loved playing with all the other kids. Ainsley loved the Cheeseburgers and ate an entire one all by herself, along with 2 Oreos, and the rest of Calebs hot dog. At that rate she will weigh 20 pounds in no time!!

Good News...
1. Someone finally said Aubrey looked like me (outside of my Clark family). What a wonderful comment!! Every time we, as a family, go anywhere together people always say that all 3 kids look like Andy. What they say exactly:
Aubrey looks just like Andy.
Caleb is a Mini Me of Andy.
Ainlsey looks like Aubrey.
Hello, I am here. I was pregnant, I went through labor (one without any medicine), I am up at night with them, I take care of them when they are sick, and I am here all day with them singing the funny songs and doing the funny dances. I would like to say right now that when/if we have another child it WILL look like me. I just know it.
2. Oh have me craving and quoting Clifford like crazy. I am going to watch it tonight(if I finish the laundry and do not fall asleep) so be ready for some Clifford trivia. Every time I see Caleb in his Halloween costume I think of Martin Short now. So funny. It is always good to have a nice long laugh!


Steffaney said...

I love the color of your walls! It looks amazing! I can't believe you did it yourself. Poor KK, He's a tough kid. It's so weird that they say Aubrey looks like Andy...are they kidding?! Seriously. That's like saying that I look like Seth...hmmm. Well I'm glad Aubrey got her first movie theatre experience. Isn't Chad the... never mind. Anyway, I can't get over your wall colors. Absolutely beautiful!

The Griner Family: said...

Steff. Chad, yep. Dad would love that!!! You know at Spencer's wedding someone said I looked just like mom. Weird!

Mitch and Jenny said...

Are you kidding??? I think Aubrey looks EXACTLY like you!! I'm not just saying that either! She is totally your little girl! :)

Gretch! said...

She was awesome! She did way better than my kids did at their first movie!

Blessed that we could share that with you!!