Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Last Sunday in October...
Before our 11:00 o'clock church hour (I must say that for kids 11:00 o'clock is the worst time to go to church... smack dab in the middle of lunch and nap time) we tried to put Ainsley down for a 20 minute nap! She can fall asleep so quickly!! She even sits still when I curl her hair but she will not keep her hair bows in!

After church, since the kids would not take a nap, I took them outside to play in the leaves. Andy was watching the Chiefs loose and needed complete concentration without distractions. I think they have lost all but one game. They are can skirt around the topic all you want but KC needs some help.
Anyway, I raked a small pile (our lawn is covered in millions of leaves), set Ainsley next to it, and told Aubrey and Caleb that they could jump in it an throw the leaves around! They were so happy! This was much better than playing in the snow!!! For a while Ainsley sat patiently aside, watching, and observing the happiness of Caleb. When all was said and done all 3 kids were covered in leaves!!!

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Clair said...

Ainsley sure is growing. Lov!e the leaves