Friday, November 28, 2008

Prep-for Saturday's Thanksgiving Celebrations!!
Today started at 5. I was so tired so I plopped Caleb down on the couch and we watched a Clark favorite: Iron Will. I hadn't seen that movie since I was little. After Iron Will we watched Home Alone and by that time Aubrey/Ainsley were awake.
After breakfast, snack, and bath time I left the kids upstairs so I could start my usual load of wash. 5 minutes later I walk into Ainsley's room....Where is Caleb??
Oh, a child's mind. As if I couldn't see the chubby blond boy stuck in a infant bouncer.
And YES Caleb wore his foot pj's all day...he likes to be naked and I thought that his foot pjs would be to hard for him to take off. Wrong.Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow down in Windsor we had some family cooking to do today! Caleb helped me make the KEY LIME pie.
Ainsley wanted so badly to participate. I had her help me with the pumpkin pie. She spent the entire time pointing and smiling!! It was my first time making a pumpkin pie...Thanks Betty Crocker!Aubrey was in charge of making the Apple Pie. I was surprised at how she wanted to measure, pour, stir, and cut everything herself. I was fully intending to make the pie dough from scratch until I went to the store and saw that they had pie dough a dollar off. I saw that as a sign (my pie crust making has been a disaster the last 2 years).
During "nap" time I set up the Christmas tree. I wish I would have video taped Ainsley when she first saw the tree lit up. Pure love!!! The kids couldn't wait until dad came home so they could decorate it! Caleb spread his ornaments all over the place.
Aubrey focused on one small area!
What a fun day we had. Only 2 minor "Caleb accidents" one involving body fluid and my new couch cusion and the other involed a jar of sugar. We made 3 pies, Deviled eggs, and 4 loaves of Whole Wheat Bread!!! is all we need is Grandma's jam and we are set!!!

Thanks Steff for talking to me while I tried to put the tree togther!
Dad/Mom you are awesome!!!! Thank you for walking me through, descriptively, how to make the bread!!! Also, As stronge as Spencer is I do not think that he could kneed the bread for 45 minutes. Impossible!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

Oh wow sis! Kneading bread for 45 minutes! You're muscles are going to kill tomorrow!!! Eesh! KK, what a little clown, he loves hamming it up as much as he can. Aubrey is such a beautiful little girl, WOW! and Ainsley was a sweetheart! The tree looks great and you have such beautiful decorations! i forgot to tell you last time but I love the color of your walls with the white trim, what a beautiful home!

The Griner Family: said...

steff, i only lasted 10 minutes and my arms are soar! I could barely even pull the dough apart to make it into loaves. Dad is tough!

Gretch! said...

Girl! I need to teach you how to make pie crust!!

And what bread recipe requires 45 minutes of kneading ?

Hope you guys had a good day!